Digitized publications 1828 - 1999

Statistics Norway has digitalized all historical statistics publications from 1828 to 2000. This includes statistical yearbooks, survey publications and census publications and other series.


Publications 1828 - 1976 by subject

0.Survey and general publications
1. Environment. Geography
2. Population. Health
3. Labour market
4. National accounts
5. Agriculture. Forestry. Hunting
6. Fishing
7. Mining. Manufacturing. Electricity. Construction.
8. External trade
9. Internal trade
10. Water transport
11. Other transport
12. Public finance
13. Money and credit
14. Prices
15. Wages and salaries
16. Income and property
17. Consumption
18. Dwelling and housing conditions
19. Social conditions
20. Justice and crime
21. Education
22. Culture
23. Holidays and outdoor life
24. Elections
25. Economic and statistical theory and analysis
26. Guidance publications

Important: Original documents are only available in Norwegian with French translations of tables and figure titles until 1950, thereafter the titles are in English.

Publications of interest

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Censuses | Statistical yearbooks | Emigration | Health statistics

Catalogue of Norwegian official statistic and other publications published by the Central Bureau of Statistics 1828-1976 [pdf].


Publications 1977 - 1996 by subject

General, incl. elections



Health, social conditions and services


Personal economy and housing conditions

Labour market

Recreational, cultural and sporting activities

Prices, price indices and economic trends

National economy and valuation

Industrial activities

Financial markets

Public finances

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Catalogue of Publications issued 1977-1996 [pdf]

Note on PDF-files: Some of the files are quite large and may take some time to download. They are scanned using OCR-software (Optical character recognition) and can therefore be searched