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Salmon price in the period of July 8th – July 14th

In the period of July 8th – July 14th the export price of fresh salmon came to NOK 79.78 per kilo, up 2.0 per cent compared to the previous seven-day period.

CPI up 2.6 per cent last 12 months

From June 2023 to June 2024 the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 2.6 per cent, while the CPI adjusted for tax changes and excluding energy products (CPI-ATE) rose by 3.4 per cent. Both the CPI and the CPI-ATE increased by 0.2 per cent from May 2024 to June 2024.

Declining prices for Norwegian food producers

Norwegian food producers received lower prices for their goods in June compared to May. This was the case for both the Norwegian home marked and export-oriented goods, where the export market had the biggest price decline. For the first time since February, we also saw a decline in export prices for the manufacturing industry in total.

Economic Survey 2/2024

Growth in the Norwegian economy has been modest since mid-2022. High inflation and several interest rate hikes have contributed to curbing demand. At the same time there have been substantial, but declining pressures in the labour market. Unemployment has increased through 2023 and so far in 2024 and is now close to the average for the 2010s.

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