Research field

Oil and gas markets

Research in this area addresses the need for deeper insight into how the oil and gas markets are affected by the regulatory environment and leading market players. Issues of concern here include exercise of market power, dynamic optimisation of non-renewable resources, and the impact of climate policy. Theoretical analyses and large-scale simulation models are used in this research field.


  • Prospects for Norwegian petroleum extraction and for the Norwegian economy as a whole

    PROSPECTS will analyse the medium and long-run prospects of the Norwegian petroleum sector and its role for the economy as a whole. For this purpose, the first stage of the project identifies important factors that affect the extraction on the Norwegian continental shelf and their impacts. The second stage will look at the role of the Norwegian petroleum sector for the Norwegian economy as a whole. Among other questions, we will be able to say more about the petroleum-dependency of the Norwegian economy and the prospects for the economy as the petroleum extraction era is coming closer to an end.