Statistics Norway Development Cooperation

The objective of Statistics Norway's development cooperation is to provide assistance within the field of official statistics to sister organisations in developing and transition countries. We contribute to the development of their statistical systems and capacity-building through institutional cooperation.

  • Production of a Vital Statistics Report: Guide, Revision 1

    A revised guide on how to make a publication on population statistics.

  • Why provide assistance with statistics?

    Good statistics are an essential part of describing a country’s economics, living conditions and poverty patterns. Many developing countries lack reliable statistics.

  • How do we organise our institutional cooperation projects?

    Developing statistical capacity involves strengthening individual skills. National statistical offices also need to be developed as institutions.

  • Our cooperation projects in developing and transition countries

    Statistics Norway's main strategy for capacity-building is to work within long-term institutional cooperation projects with sister organisations. Statistics Norway is involved in long-term capacity-building projects in several countries.

  • In what areas do we provide support?

    Statistics Norway offers support in a range of subject areas covering different aspects of the statistical value chain. In recent years, our support has centred around some core areas for which there is also a high demand in our partner institutions.

  • 50 years with personal identification numbers in Norway

    Through its development cooperation Statistics Norway has given advice to a number of countries on how to set up and organise population registers and how to produce population statistics based on administrative records. Norway has an advanced population registration systems that serves public and private institutions in numerous areas ranging from taxation, health, education, voting and welfare services.

  • A handbook on dissemination of statistics

    This handbook is aimed at helping statistics agencies in developing and transition countries to devise strategies and guidelines for the dissemination of statistics.