• The European Statistical System

    The European Statistical System (ESS) is a partnership between Eurostat (the EU's statistical authority), the national statistical institutes and other national institutions or authorities that produce European statistics.

  • International statistical cooperation

    Cooperation within international statistics is becoming increasingly important for Statistics Norway and other parties interested in statistics in Norway.

  • OECD work on statistics

    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is working to promote policies that will strengthen economic and social conditions for people worldwide. The widespread use and dissemination of statistics in analysis and research is one of the key reasons why the organisation works closely with national statistical agencies from both member and partner countries to facilitate official statistics of a high quality.

  • United Nations (UN) Statistical cooperation

    While work on statistics takes place both centrally and in the many organisations under the UN umbrella, the UN Statistical Commission has primary responsibility for international classifications and manuals aimed at coordinating the national statistical systems.