Open data API

Statistics Norway has APIs (Application Programming Interface) for users to quickly and easily retrieve and integrate Statistics Norway’s data with their own systems.

API for all tables in Statbank

In the API Create your own dataset you can define your own queries towards all 5000 tables in the StatBank. See also the article  All StatBank data is now available as open data.


The API is available to everyone and does not require registration

We would like your feedback, particularly if you use the data sets to create new services or have wishes and queries. 

Figures temporarily unavailable during update

StatBank is updated at 05:00 and 11:30 (CET), during which time the tables are temporarily unavailable for up to five minutes.

Figures which are being revised emerge as ‘0’ or ‘.’ between 05:00 and 08:00.

Data sets are subject to the terms of NLOD

All of the data sets are subject to the terms of the Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD), which means that Statistics Norway must always be quoted as the source when using data sets. 


About the API with ready-made datasets

About 250 complete data sets are available from the most commonly used and popular tables in StatBank

When selecting data sets, we have focused on the data sets being relevant and not too big, thus making it possible to calculate monthly and annual changes.

The formats available here are CSV and JSON-stat. The JSON-stat framework which was specially developed for statistical tables, is used for JSON (Javascript Object Notation).