The objective of this document is to provide a transparent and explicit description of the sources and methods in use. It updates and replaces the description of quarterly compilation of national accounts published in December 2013 (Korsnes, 2014).

The document is divided into chapters containing detailed information on the compilation of the QNA. Chapter one serves as a quick summary of the document and contains the most essential information, which in turn is explained in more detail in the following chapters. Chapter two presents a publication timeline for relevant statistics released by the Division for National accounts, as well as revision- and co-ordination policy. Chapter three goes into detail on the overall compilation approach, including aspects such as balancing, benchmarking and seasonal adjustment methods. Chapters four to six deal with the calculation of gross domestic product from the three different approaches (production-, expenditure and income approach), while chapter seven explains the sources and methods of the integrated labour accounts. Chapter eight lists the source statistics used in the compilation of the Norwegian Monthly National Accounts (MNA) and QNA.

Due to the timing of the monthly and quarterly estimates (+/- 40 days after the reference period), flash estimates are not compiled. The proposed chapter eight about flash estimates in the Eurostat guidelines is therefore left out.