The first Norwegian ocean satellite accounts was published in the spring of 2022, a national scoping assessment for holistic ocean accounts was completed in the autumn of 2021, and the research project MAREA (MARine Ecosystem Accounting) is contributing to progress in ocean accounting by investigating how ocean accounts can be used in multilevel decision- and policy-making. The national work on ocean accounting has so far received ad hoc funding. Progress in establishing the accounts and developing statistical time series depends on long-term financing, which has not yet been secured.

Statistics Norway is also involved in international work on ocean accounting through its membership of Global Ocean Accounts Partnership and an international development programme in which it cooperates with Indonesia. In May 2023, Indonesia and Norway signed a mutual agreement for collaboration on ocean accounting with a focus on ocean satellite accounting and ecosystem services accounts - a partnership expected to be mutually beneficial because it will contribute to knowledge exchange and thus progress on ocean accounting in both countries.