In order to make visible the size and structure of the mainland ­industries linked to the ocean, the satellite accounts are based on figures and concepts from the national accounts but that are processed and reclassified. The figures in the satellite accounts for the ocean are thus consistent with the national accounts, but the presentation is more detailed.

This documentation describes the framework to which the satellite accounts are subject, the available source material and the estimation methods used.

This pilot is based on the framework presented in the OECD's Blueprint for improved measurement of the international ocean economy: An exploration of satellite account for ocean economic activity (OECD 2021). The guide includes guidelines on principles and definitions, classifications, breakdown of numbers and tables to disseminate data. The guide is the result of numerous discussions between the OECD and coastal nations, including Norway.

The most important source for the satellite accounts for the ocean is the National Accounts' supply-use framework. This framework provides a detailed description of the supply (production and imports) of goods and services in the Norwegian economy, and how these are used. It indicates what proportion of the supply of a product is used for consumption, exports, product inputs or investments and also by whom (industries, exports, and consumer groups), and is updated every year in connection with the publication of the final annual national ­accounts. An SAS-based IT- system is the core and enables the flexibility in parameters and definitions that are needed when the follow-up work commences after this publication.

The satellite accounts for the ocean cover the years 2016 to 2019 and consist of supply and use tables as well as a summary table for key figures such as gross product, employment and investments.

The Ocean Panel has recommended that comprehensive ocean accounts be developed that reflect the true value of the ocean. This is necessary to achieve a more comprehensive and sustainable management of marine ecosystems and natural resources. Establishment of a satellite account for the ocean that shows the ocean's contribution to Norwegian value creation is a necessary first step on the road towards a comprehensive and unified ocean account. Such an account will be compatible with ecosystem accounts so that monetary value creation does not become the only indicator that decision-makers look to when making ocean-management policy.

Tables for Ocean satellite account. Open i Excel