Subscribe to news from Statistics Norway in RSS format


The RSS format enables you to subscribe to news feeds in the RSS reader or in your web browser without having to visit the website.

How to proceed

1. Download a news reader if you don’t already have one in your web browser.
2. Identify the site you want to subscribe to.
3. In the news reader, copy and paste the links of the websites you want to receive news feeds for.

RSS feeds

The list below is an overview of all RSS feeds on ssb.no.
You can be notified of the following:

1. Latest news from Statistics Norway
2. Latest news concerning specific statistics
3. News in a specific area
4. Forthcoming statistical publications
5. Tables from StatBank
6. English news feeds

1. Latest news from Statistics Norway

This covers statistics, articles and publications by Statistics Norway in the last 3 days.

2. Latest news concerning specific statistics

Navigate to the statistics you want to subscribe to. All statistics have an abbreviated name, which you need to enter in the address in order to subscribe to the specific statistics. The abbreviated name is found in the address (URL) of the statistics.

For example:
The statistics for the Labour force survey have the following address (URL) http://www.ssb.no/en/arbeid-og-lonn/statistikker/aku. The abbreviated name for these statistics is placed after: /statistikker/. In this example, the abbreviated name is aku. In order to subscribe to these statistics, enter the abbreviated name aku in the address that is given below:

  • News feed last 90 days for a particular set of statistics: http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/abbreviated name
  • News feed last 90 days for several statistics: http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/abbreviated name+abbreviated name

3. News in a specific topic

This covers all statistics, articles and publications that are published in the last 90 days within a specific topic.

How do you find the right topic?

The statistics topic are listed in the menu at the left of the page. Click on a topic you want to subscribe to, e.g. Labour and Wages. The last part of the address (URL) indicates how to enter the topic in the address shown below:

4. Forthcoming statistical publications

  • Forthcoming statistical publications 31 days ahead http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/statkal
  • Forthcoming statistical publications for a specific set of statistics (use the abbreviated name of the statistics as described in Latest news concerning specific statistics) http://www.ssb.no/rss/statkal/abbreviated name
  • Forthcoming statistical publications for a specific set of statistics (abbreviated name) and a topic: http://www.ssb.no/rss/statkal/abbreviated name+topic

5. Tables from StatBank

  • The last 5 days’ tables in StatBank http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/statbank
  • Latest tables in StatBank for an abbreviated name http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/statbank/abbreviated name, e.g. http://www.ssb.no/en/rss/statbank/ppi

6. Norwegian news feeds

You can receive all news feeds that are mentioned above in Norwegian by removing /en in the address field.