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Cohabitants, 2012-2014

One in four are cohabitants

Nearly 70 per cent of persons between 16-79 years are in a live-in relationship in Norway. One out of four couples are cohabitants, and the rest are married. As a proportion of everyone either in or not in a live-in relationship, 18 per cent are cohabitants and 49 per cent are married.

Labour force survey, seasonally-adjusted figures, September 2015

4.6 per cent unemployment

Adjusted for seasonal variations, there were 127 000 unemployed persons in September. This corresponds to 4.6 per cent of the labour force.

Housing conditions, survey on living conditions, 2015

Decreasing growth in total housing cost

Most households own their own dwelling, and in 2015, the average mortgage for owner occupier households was more than NOK 1 million. During the last three years, owner occupier households have experienced a decreasing growth in average remaining mortgage, compared to previous periods. Furthermore, the total housing cost for Norwegian households has hardly increased in recent years.

Investments in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supply, Q4 2015

Sharp decrease in exploration estimate for 2016

Estimates for total investments covering oil and gas, manufacturing, mining & quarrying and electricity supply now show a decline in 2016. The downturn is mainly due to significantly lower estimates in the category exploration, within oil and gas extraction.

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