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Immigrants and the 2013 general election

Surge in immigrant Conservative voters, but most vote Labour

In the general election of 2013, over 60 per cent of voters with an immigrant background from Africa, Asia and Latin America voted for centre-left parties, with the Labour Party being the most popular.

Immigration and public finances

The effects of more immigrants on public finances

Depending on labour market participation, high levels of immigration may temporarily ease the pressure on the public finances caused by population aging. But the impact is not likely to be significant in the long run. Immigrants from Asia and Africa are more dependent than other groups on government welfare schemes.

Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents – population statistics

Large diversity in little Norway

The population grew 1.3 per cent in 2012, with immigration accounting for 72 per cent of this growth. This means that the country’s population, which has passed the 5 million mark, is now much more diverse. Equally diverse are the reasons for persons born in other countries embarking on the long or short journey to Norway with hopes of living and working here.

Immigrants and their children – and our knowledge of them

Immigrants – what we know and don’t know

In the ten years up to 2013, the number of immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents has more than doubled. This strong growth is due to the increase in labour immigration from the new EU member states in East Europe.

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