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  • Transport and storage, price indices

    Airfares continue to rise

    price development, service price index, freight transport, road transport, sea transport, freight, air transport, cold storage and frozen storage, dry storage

  • Road goods transport by foreign lorries

    Foreign lorries carrying more

    transport performances, tonnage carried, transport work, nationality of lorry, cabotage, travel through other countries

  • Carriage of goods by lorry across national border

    Fewer goods on Norwegian lorries

    import, export, type of merchanise, mode of transport, nationality of lorry, country of origin, country of destination, country of departure

  • Road traffic accidents involving personal injury

    9 killed in October

    road traffic accidents, killed, injured, fatalities, types of accident (for example head-on collisions, driving off the road, rear end collisions), accidents involving lorries, types of road user (for example car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians), types of vehicle (for example passenger cars, buses, motor cycles), tyre types

  • Cost index for road goods transport

    Decrease in diesel prices

    lorry types, fuel costs, tyre costs, insurance costs, ferry costs, road tolls

  • Accommodation

    More guest nights in September

    hotels, groups of cabins, camping sites, youth hostels, nationality of guests, occupancy rate, beds, hotel rooms, price per room, turnover, holiday stays, course/conference stays, business stays, occupation, Svalbard

  • Road goods transport by Norwegian lorries

    Stable growth in national transport performance

    goods transport, lorry transport, road transport, hire and own transport, vehicle kilometres, tonnage carried, transport work, rate of empty kilometres, type of merchandise, transport between Norway and abroad

  • Accommodation and food service activities, structural business statistics

    Considerable growth in restaurants

    hotels, restaurants, cafes, catering, canteens, youth hostels, camping sites, bars, turnover, employees, operationnal accounts, investments, wage costs, enterprises, establishments

  • Transport and communication, structural business statistics

    Boost in turnover for passenger air and rail transport

    land transport, sea transport, air transport, postal and courier activities, establishments, enterprises, employees, operational accounts, turnover, wage costs, gross investments

  • Tourism satellite accounts

    Further increase in tourism consumption

    tourism consumption, tourism by activity (for example hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, car rental), foreign tourists, Norwegian tourists, business trips, travel agency services, employees, gross investments, gross product

  • Construction cost index for road construction

    Road construction costs up

    labour costs, material costs, machinery costs, road management, maintenance, winter operations, asphalt work, road construction, tunnels, bridges

  • Taxi transport

    Taxis with turnover of 2.3 billion

    taxis, taxi trips, taxi licences, turnover

  • Maritime transport

    Sharp drop in sea transport

    shipping arrival, ship types (for example tanker, dry cargo ship, passenger vessel), domestic routes, overseas trade, goods transport, ferry transport, express coastal steamer, vehicle transport, type of cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk, containers

  • Public transport

    Steady first half-year

    bus, boat, railway, train, tram, underground, passengers, passenger kilometres, vehicle kilometres, distance covered, train kilometres, ticket revenues

  • Norwegian National Rail Administration - StatRes

    Investments quadruple

    route sections (for example Dovrebanen, Bergensbanen, Nordlandsbanen), investments, maintenance costs, operating costs, level crossings, tunnels, bridges, punctuality, regularity, delays, signal faults, collisions, travel time