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  • Understanding the productivity slowdown

    Discussion Papers no. 818

    Many OECD countries have experienced a slowdown in measured labour productivity from 2005 and onwards. Norway is no exception in this respect.

  • The dual approach for measuring

    Discussion Papers no. 820

    This paper is concerned with the problem of ranking and quantifying the extent of deprivation exhibited by multidimensional distributions, where the multiple attributes in which an individual can be deprived are represented by dichotomized variables.

  • Index of household consumption of goods

    Electricity pulled down household consumption of goods

    volume index, household consumption (for example car purchase, food consumption, electricity consumption)

  • Financial accounts

    Households’ net financial assets continue to increase

    financial investments, households and non-profit organisations, general government, abroad, balance sheets, FINSE

  • Economic Survey 3-2015

  • Commodity price index for the industrial sector

    price trends, inflation, domestic market, export market, oil and gas production, mining and quarrying, electricity supply, economic indicator, intermediate goods, energy goods, consumables, capital goods, metal-working industry, food industry, oil refining, machine industry

  • Producer price index for oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity

    Rise in electricity prices

    price trends, inflation, domestic market, export market, economic indicator, intermediate goods, energy goods, consumables, capital goods, metal-working industry, food industry, oil refining, machine industry, mining, metal prices (for example gold, aluminium, copper)

  • Annual non-financial sector accounts, national accounts

    Revised income figures for 2013

    general government, non-financial enterprises, financial enterprises, households, non-profit organisations, production, production price, operating profit, income, saving, saving rate, disposable income, FISM, net financial investments, dividends

  • Annual national accounts

    GDP growth adjusted by 0.3 percentage points

    gross domestic product, GDP, value added, GDP per capita, gross national income, export, import, wage costs, annual salary, man-labour years, man-hours, employees, capital stock, gross investments, household consumption, consumption in non-profit organisations, public consumption, material production, service production, input-output tables, oil investments, mainland Norway

  • Residential energy efficiency and European carbon policies

    Discussion Papers no. 817

    While the introduction and reformation of climate policy instruments take place rapidly in Europe, the knowledge on how the instruments interact lags behind. In this paper we analyse different interpretations of the 2030 climate policy goals for r...

  • Index of industrial production

    Significant decline in manufacturing

    industrial production, volume indicator, intermediate goods, capital goods, consumer goods, energy goods

  • School accountability: Incentives or sorting?

    Discussion Papers no. 815

    We exploit a nested school accountability reform to estimate the causal effect on teacher mobility, sorting, and student achievement. In 2003, lower-secondary schools in Oslo became accountable to the school district authority for student achievem...

  • Unemployment peaks in 2016

    For the past year, the Norwegian economy has been experiencing an oil-driven economic downturn, which is expected to be followed by a modest recovery in the second half of 2016. Unemployment is expected to peak in 2016 at 4.6 per cent as an annual...

  • Balance of payments

    High balance of income and current transfers

    current balance, direct investments, operational and capital accounts, financial accounts, investment abroad, foreign investment, transactions, stocks, financial assets, liabilities, portofolio investment, financial investments, revaluations, current account balance, balance of income and current transfers, reinvested earnings, net assets, imports, exports

  • This is Norway 2015

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.