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  • Commodity price index for the industrial sector

    price trends, inflation, domestic market, export market, oil and gas production, mining and quarrying, electricity supply, economic indicator, intermediate goods, energy goods, consumables, capital goods, metal-working industry, food industry, oil refining, machine industry

  • Producer price index for oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity

    Oil down, natural gas up

    price trends, inflation, domestic market, export market, economic indicator, intermediate goods, energy goods, consumables, capital goods, metal-working industry, food industry, oil refining, machine industry, mining, metal prices (for example gold, aluminium, copper)

  • Index of industrial production

    Oil-driven growth in manufacturing

    industrial production, volume indicator, intermediate goods, capital goods, consumer goods, energy goods

  • Index of household consumption of goods

    Significant increase in household consumption of goods

    volume index, household consumption (for example car purchase, food consumption, electricity consumption)

  • GDP to be revised upwards

    The GDP for 2011 will be revised upwards by around NOK 40 billion, or 1.5 per cent, when Statistics Norway publishes its revised national accounts on 20 November. Moreover, all years will be subject to an upward revision, varying between 1.5 and 2...

  • Cyclical developments in Norway 3-2014

  • This is Norway 2014

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Upturn in economy on hold

  • Balance of payments

    Lower current account surplus

    current balance, direct investments, operational and capital accounts, financial accounts, investment abroad, foreign investment, transactions, stocks, financial assets, liabilities, portofolio investment, financial investments, revaluations, current account balance, balance of income and current transfers, reinvested earnings, net assets, imports, exports

  • Quarterly non-financial sector accounts, national accounts

    Stable income growth in household sector

    households, non-profit organisations, disposable income, disposable real income, saving rate, income, expenditures, savings, FISIM, net financial investments, dividends

  • Quarterly national accounts

    Marked growth in Mainland GDP

    gross domestic product, GDP, value added, gross product by industry, gross investments, household consumption, consumption in non-profit organisations, public consumption, material production, service production, export, import, wage costs, employment, man-hours, oil investments, mainland Norway

  • Index of orders in manufacturing

    Rise in stock of orders in manufacturing

    new orders, order reserve, domestic market, export market

  • Business tendency survey for manufacturing, mining and quarrying

    Moderate decline in employment

    actual and expected development, production, employment, new orders, market prices, resource shortage, bottlenecks, capacity utilisation, industrial confidence indicator

  • Cyclical developments in Norway 2-2014

  • Moderate pace in Norwegian economy

    Over the last 18 months, the Norwegian economy has experienced a moderate economic downturn, and the relatively modest GDP growth is expected to continue well into 2015. Unemployment has been fairly stable so far this year, but is expected to incr...