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  • Cereals and oil seeds, area and yields

    Good grain yields in 2014

    farming, grain, wheat, barley, oats, rye

  • Sea catches of salmon and sea trout

    Increase in sea catch of salmon

    catch, escaped farm fish

  • Export of salmon

    A large increase in salmon export price

    farmed salmon, price of salmon, export quantity, fresh/chilled salmon, frozen salmon

  • Fisheries

    Reduced catch and landed value

    fishing, saltwater fish, fish species (for example coalfish, herring, blue whiting), shellfish, catch value, catch quantity, fish consumption, fish powder, fish oil

  • Commercial roundwood removals

    Increased sales and prices

    timber price, quantity timber cut, felling, forest waste, spruce, pine, broad-leaved trees, firewood, pulp wood, saw logs

  • Aquaculture

    Sales generated NOK 40 billion

    fish farming, salmon, rainbow trout, shellfish, char, cod, halibut, fish farm, hatcheries, hatchery-produced fish, operating licences, employees

  • Forestry, structural statistics

    One in nine forest properties cut timber for sale

    forest properties, forest owners, quantity cut, productive forest area, felling, forest trust fund, forestation, combined use

  • Transfers of agricultural properties

    Purchase price up 8 per cent

    purpose of use (for example agriculture, residential, leisure), registered transfers, purchase prise, change of ownership, type of transfer (for example compulsory sale, gift, free sale), farmland, forest area

  • This is Norway 2014

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Registered mortality of large carnivores

    Fewer wolverines shot

    wolf, bear, wolverine, lynx, killed by car, killed by train, felled as nuisance, felled illegally, quota hunting, felled under licence, self defence, white-tailed eagle, goshawk, golden eagle

  • Non-harvest mortality of cervids

    Fewer moose killed by traffic

    moose, red deer, wild reindeer, roe deer, killed by traffic, killed by train, killed by car, felled as nuisance, felled illegally

  • The National Forest Inventory

    Increasing volume of growing stock

    timber, logs, productive forest area, growing stock, growth, quality class, felling class, spruce, pine, broad-leaved trees

  • Active hunters

    Number of hunters up

    small game hunters, big game hunters, hunt reporting

  • Small game and roe deer hunting

    Increased grouse bag

    animal felled, grouse shooting, grouse hunters, roe deer hunting, small game (for example pigeon, hare, duck)

  • Agricultural properties

    Fewer living on farms

    farms, forest area, forestry property, settlement, residential buildings, operating costs, farmland