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  • Family immigration and marriage patterns 1990-2013

    Reports 2015/23

  • Population and population changes

    Lowest population growth since 2007

    inhabitants, population growth, births, deaths, immigration, emigration, in-migration, out-migration, excess of births, mean population, population changes, population, net migration

  • Naturalisations

    Naturalisations reached record level

    foreign citizens, country background

  • Divorce among descendants of immigrants

    Reports 2015/21

  • Minifacts about Norway 2015

    Minifacts about Norway presents key information about Norway in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

  • Migrations

    Highest domestic migration ever

    migrations, in-migration, out-migration, net migration, net immigration, immigrations, emigrations, country of emigration, country of immigration, return migration, citizenship

  • Population and land area in urban settlements

    Continued growth in the largest urban settlements

    densely populated areas, sparsely populated areas, residents, population, population density, population size, centre zones, geo-referenced address

  • Population of Svalbard

    Large population for mid-winter

    population, settlements (Norwegian, Russian and Polish), in-migration, out-migration, period of residence, births, deaths

  • Emigration among immigrants in Norway

    Reports 2015/17

  • Deaths

    One in three women will live to 90

    life expectancy, life expectancy remaining, mortality, death rates, infant mortality

  • Births

    Gradual decline in fertility continues

    fertility, total fertility rate, births, multiple births, twins, live births, still births, age at birth, mother's marital status (single, married, cohabitant)

  • Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents

    Nearly 100 000 with Polish background in Norway

    foreign born, country of birth, citizenship, period of residence, immigration background, country background

  • Indicators for gender equality in municipalities

    More female managers

    gender equality index, men and women, indicators (for example kindergarten coverage, fathers with statutory paternity leave, women in the labour force), municipal ranking

  • Population

    Nearly 10 per cent had foreign citizenship

    population, inhabitants, mean population, increase in population, marital status (for example married, single, divorced), age, sex

  • Marriages and divorces

    Further drop in divorces and separations

    marriage ceremonies, marriages, type of marriage ceremony (for example civil, church wedding, abroad), length of marriage, separations, partnerships