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  • Population of Svalbard

    Fall in population in Norwegian settlements at Svalbard

    population, settlements (Norwegian, Russian and Polish), in-migration, out-migration, period of residence, births, deaths

  • Deaths

    Life expectancy still increasing

    life expectancy, life expectancy remaining, mortality, death rates, infant mortality

  • Births

    Further fall in fertility

    fertility, total fertility rate, births, multiple births, twins, live births, still births, age at birth, mother's marital status (single, married, cohabitant)

  • Family immigration and marriage patterns 1990-2012

    Reports 2014/11

  • Partner choice among men and women born in Norway by immigrant parents

    Reports 2014/8

  • Indicators for gender equality in municipalities

    Fathers embrace paternity leave

    gender equality index, men and women, indicators (for example kindergarten coverage, fathers with statutory paternity leave, women in the labour force), municipal ranking

  • Population and population changes

    Population growth slows slightly

    inhabitants, population growth, births, deaths, immigration, emigration, in-migration, out-migration, excess of births, mean population, population changes, population, net migration

  • Population

    5 109 000 residents at the turn of the year

    population, inhabitants, mean population, increase in population, marital status (for example married, single, divorced)

  • Marriages and divorces

    Fewer marriages, divorces and separations

    marriage ceremonies, marriages, type of marriage ceremony (for example civil, church wedding, abroad), length of marriage, separations, partnerships

  • Sami Statistics 2014

    Reports 2014/1

    The publication gives an overall and up-to-date presentation of official Sami statistics. It covers most of the relevant areas, but also illustrates that a number of statistics subjects are not included. Statistics Norway aims to gradually develop...

  • Sami

    Sami in Norway

    Sami Parliament elections, population, education, employment, income, reindeer husbandry, agriculture, fishing, hunting.

  • Fertility and other demographic processes among immigrants and their children born in Norway

    Reports 2014/4

    Norway has experienced a pronounced growth in immigration in recent decade, from 40.000 immigrations in 2002 to nearly 80.000 in 2012. The number of immigrants living in Norway has more than doubled since 2004 to 600.000 persons in 2013, correspon...

  • Names

    Emma and Filip most popular in 2013

    first name, baby names, boys' names, girls' names, middle names, surnames

  • Children’s permanent residence and contact with non-resident parents 2002, 2004 and 2012

    Reports 2014/2

    The share of parents with shared residency of children in 2012 has tripled since 2002. Fewer children live permanently with their mother, while the share of children living permanently with their father has remained stable at 7-8 per cent in the 1...

  • Attitudes towards immigrants and immigration 2013

    Reports 2013/64