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  • Classification of Norwegian municipalities by population size and economic workload 2013

    Reports 2015/19

  • Tax accounts

    Decrease in total taxes

    tax payments, tax distribution, type of tax, duties

  • The cost of collecting tax revenue

    Reports 2015/15

  • Government Pension Fund Norway

    Market value of Government Pension Fund Norway increased

    National Insurance Scheme Fund, shares, interests, bank deposits, bonds, primary capital certificates, assets, liabilities, equity

  • The size of the marginal cost of public funds


    This report aims to re-evaluate the recommendation of NOU 1997:27 and discuss whether there are reasons to change current practice.

  • KOSTRA - Municipality-State-Reporting

    Key figures ready for municipal activities

  • Employment in municipal activities

    Fewer man-years in municipal authorities

    contracted man-years, municipal services (for example nursing care, kindergartens, schools), county authority services (for example upper secondary school studies, dental health, administration)

  • County authority accounts

    10 per cent increase in long-term debt

    county authority economy, county authority finances, operational accounts, government transfers, investments, financing, county authority purchases, property taxes, fees, user payments, property management, operating accounts by function, county authority services, county authority expenditure and income, financing sources, special establishments, county authority enterprises, inter-municipal enterprises, inter-municipal cooperation

  • Municipal accounts

    Improved results for the municipalities

    municipal economy, municipal finances, operational accounts, government transfers, investments, financing, municipal purchases, property taxes, fees, user payments, property management, operational accounts by function, municipal services, municipal income and expenditure, financing sources, special establishments, municipal enterprise, inter-municipal enterprise

  • Upper secondary education

    Women outnumber men in programmes for general studies

    upper secondary education, folk high schools, tertiary vocational education, pupils, apprentices, tainees, education programmes, fields of study, vocational examinations, apprentice examination, course level, completed education, interrupted education, immigrants, Norwegian-born with immigrant parents

  • Central government revenue and expenditure

    New national budget figures in Statbank

    duties (for example duties on documents, inheritance tax, VAT), taxes (for example income tax, capital tax, tax to the central government), national budget, financing needs, central government's deficit and surplus, transfers to municipalities and county authorities, revenue from petroleum

  • General government revenue and expenditure

    Reduced petroleum revenues

    central government, local government, taxes, duties, national insurance contributions, pension premiums, revenue by type (for example fines, fees, tolls), expenditure by type (for example disability pension, child benefit, subsidies), expenditure by function (for example health care, environmental protection, culture), public deficit, municipal accounts, municipal economy, municipal finances, net financial investments.

  • Central government debt

    Updated figures for Central government debt

    government bonds, treasury certificates, loans

  • Public corporations, accounts

    Oil and gas still largest contributor despite decrease

    central government corporations, local government corporations, central government quasi-corporations, profit and loss account, balance sheet, accounts by industry

  • Public purchasing

    Public purchases total around NOK 430 billion

    goods, services, general government, central government, local government, general government enterprises