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  • Social assistance

    Continued growth in social assistance last year

    social assistance recipients, social services, duration of support, support cases, type of support (allowance, loan), personnel in the social services (for example social workers, child welfare officers, office employees), operating costs

  • Dental health care

    Over 1 million examined and treated in public dental care

    dental health care status, caries, dentists, dental hygienists, dental secretaries, operating costs

  • Town and country planning in municipalities and county authorities

    Planning requirements an issue in consultations on physical planning

    development plans, building applications, building matter, dispensations, objections, processing time, fees, coastal zones

  • Local environmental efforts in municipalities and county authorities

    New dispensations for motor traffic continue to decrease

    management of natural resources, protection of cultural monuments, town and country planning, motor traffic on uncultivated land, dispensations

  • Transport and communication in municipalities and county authorities

    Almost 11 per cent growth in provincial road expenses

    public transport, public transport travel, county roads, municipal roads, operating expenditure

  • Municipal charges

    Municipal fees up 4.9 per cent

    municipal fees, water rate, waste fees, connection fees, operating costs

  • Municipal housing

    Stable municipal housing

    residential care, sheltered housing, temporary residential care, adapted housing, housing benefit, operating costs

  • Municipal health care service

    Growth in expenditure and man-years continuous

    municipal health care service, operating costs, health centres, school health service, health checks, health personnel (for example physiotherapists, health visitors, midwives), nursing home residents

  • Joint parish councils, accounts

    Relatively stable results for the joint parish council

    clerical finance, operational accounts, expenditure, investments, government transfer, municipal subsidies

  • Nursing and care services

    NOK 100 billion to care services

    elderly care, nursing homes, disabled, home nursing care, home help, home help services, IPLOS, retirement homes, institutions, care homes, nursing staff, discharge, support person, care benefit, UCPA (user controlled personal assistance)

  • Municipal wastewater

    Decrease in compliance with treatment permits

    sewer system, sewer installation, waste fees, sludge, sewage, pumping stations, grey water, black water

  • Cultural facilities

    Cultural purposes accounted for 3.8 per cent of all expenditure

  • Fire and accident protection

    More than NOK 5 billion on fire and accident protection

  • Property management, local government

    Property management expenditure remains steady

    municipal buildings, purpose-built buildings, maintenance, property management

  • Property tax

    Property tax increases both in extent and in value

    municipal tax, tax rate, basic deduction, municipal revenue, operational accounts