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  • Central government revenue and expenditure

    New national budget figures in Statbank

    duties (for example duties on documents, inheritance tax, VAT), taxes (for example income tax, capital tax, tax to the central government), national budget, financing needs, central government's deficit and surplus, transfers to municipalities and county authorities, revenue from petroleum

  • General government revenue and expenditure

    Reduced petroleum revenues

    central government, local government, taxes, duties, national insurance contributions, pension premiums, revenue by type (for example fines, fees, tolls), expenditure by type (for example disability pension, child benefit, subsidies), expenditure by function (for example health care, environmental protection, culture), public deficit, municipal accounts, municipal economy, municipal finances, net financial investments.

  • Tax accounts

    Increased tax payments in January

    tax payments, tax distribution, type of tax, duties

  • Central government debt

    Updated figures for Central government debt

    government bonds, treasury certificates, loans

  • Public corporations, accounts

    Oil and gas still largest contributor despite decrease

    central government corporations, local government corporations, central government quasi-corporations, profit and loss account, balance sheet, accounts by industry

  • Public purchasing

    Public purchases total around NOK 430 billion

    goods, services, general government, central government, local government, general government enterprises

  • The effects of more immigrants on public finances

    Depending on labour market participation, high levels of immigration may temporarily ease the pressure on the public finances caused by population aging. But the impact is not likely to be significant in the long run. Immigrants from Asia and Afri...

  • Child welfare

    Number of children is stabilising

    municipal child welfare service, child welfare measures, investigation cases, reports of concerns, assistance, care, foster homes, visit homes, personal support contact, children under supervision, child welfare institutions, emergency shelter homes, neglect, child abuse, behavioural problems, placements, processing time

  • Pupils in primary and lower secondary school

    Fewer pupils receiving special education

    primary schools, lower secondary schools, combined schools, special education, private schools, school size, native language training, form of Norwegian language, bokmål, nynorsk, computer access

  • Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service - StatRes

    Number of old age pensioners up in 2013

    benefit recipients (of for example unemployment benefit, rehabilitation, sick pay), allowance recipients, cash for care recipients, OAPs, disability pensioners, early retirement pensioners, labour market initiatives, operating costs

  • Public sector on Svalbard

    Different public sector on Svalbard

  • Cultural facilities

    Local authorities spent NOK 9.8 billion on culture

  • General government, financial assets and liabilities

    Record high appreciation on government investments

    central government, local government, stock, transactions, assets by type (for example bonds, shares, lending), net assets, liabilities by type (for example commercial papers, bonds, loans)

  • Norwegian National Rail Administration - StatRes

    Investments quadruple

    route sections (for example Dovrebanen, Bergensbanen, Nordlandsbanen), investments, maintenance costs, operating costs, level crossings, tunnels, bridges, punctuality, regularity, delays, signal faults, collisions, travel time

  • Government Pension Fund Norway

    Increase in total assets

    National Insurance Scheme Fund, shares, interests, bank deposits, bonds, primary capital certificates, assets, liabilities, equity