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  • Tax accounts

    Reduced tax payments

    tax payments, tax distribution, type of tax, duties

  • Norwegian National Rail Administration - StatRes

    Investments quadruple

    route sections (for example Dovrebanen, Bergensbanen, Nordlandsbanen), investments, maintenance costs, operating costs, level crossings, tunnels, bridges, punctuality, regularity, delays, signal faults, collisions, travel time

  • Government Pension Fund Norway

    Increase in total assets

    National Insurance Scheme Fund, shares, interests, bank deposits, bonds, primary capital certificates, assets, liabilities, equity

  • ICT usage in public administration

    ICT projects improve government services

    information and communication technology, electronic communication, electronic case handling, electronic services, electronic forms, Internet use, IT systems, IT strategy, security solutions

  • The Norwegian Public Roads Administration - StatRes

    Comprehensive growth in expenditure

    state roads, speed limits, cycle paths, footpaths, tunnels, sections of road exposed to rock fall, central barriers, safety belt use, noise pollution, environmental indicators, transport performance

  • Central government revenue and expenditure

    Reduced government revenue

    duties (for example duties on documents, inheritance tax, VAT), taxes (for example income tax, capital tax, tax to the central government), national budget, financing needs, central government's deficit and surplus, transfers to municipalities and county authorities, revenue from petroleum

  • Immigration regulation - StatRes

    Processing time shortened for asylum seekers

    work permit, residence permit, deportation, visa, family immigration, places in reception centres, requests for decision reversals, complaints, returns, Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, UDI, Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board, UNE, refugee reception centres, asylum cases, processing time.

  • Public corporations, accounts

    Oil and gas still largest contributor to higher profits

    central government corporations, local government corporations, central government quasi-corporations, profit and loss account, balance sheet, accounts by industry

  • The Norwegian Coastal Administration - StatRes

    More sailings with pilot exemption certificate

  • Universities and colleges - StatRes

    More students in tertiary education

    students, student places, credit points, applicants, completed education, completion time, degrees, research activities, scientific publications, publication points, operating costs, wage expenditures, man-years

  • Public purchasing

    Public purchases exceed NOK 400 billion

    goods, services, general government, central government, local government, general government enterprises

  • Central government debt

    Updated figures for Central government debt

    government bonds, treasury certificates, loans

  • The Norwegian Tax Administration - StatRes

    More and more choose electronic tax return

    inheritance tax cases, gift cases, population register, tax assessment, tax assessment complaints, tax arrears, VAT returns, electronic services.

  • Nursing and care services

    More home nursing

    elderly care, nursing homes, disabled, home nursing care, home help, home help services, IPLOS, retirement homes, institutions, care homes, nursing staff, discharge, support person, care benefit, UCPA (user controlled personal assistance)

  • Introduction programme for immigrants

    Highest participation so far

    introduction benefit