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  • Credit points and graduations from universities and colleges

    More higher education graduates

    higher education, graduates, specialist field (for example social studies, law, the humanities), Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, research education, doctorates, students, credit points production, educational institutions, type of institution, ownership

  • Students at universities and colleges

    More women in higher education

    educational institution, specialist field (for example social studies, law, humanities and arts), students abroad, countries of destination, type of institution, ownership, immigrants, norwegian-born with immigrant parents, parents' educational attainment level

  • Kindergartens

    Nearly 94 000 employed in kindergartens

    private kindergartens, public kindergartens, non-municipal kindergartens, coverage, part-time place, duration of stay, minority language children, refugee kindergartens, family kindergartens, open kindergartens, kindergarten personnel, nursery nurses

  • Minifacts about Norway 2015

    Minifacts about Norway presents key information about Norway in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

  • Activities of adult learning associations

    Continuing increase in activities

    courses, course participation, main subjects (for example languages, social studies, services), adult education

  • Folk high schools

    Age affects the choice of subject

    participants, cohorts, main subjects (for example languages, services, social studies), foreign nationals

  • Adult education, accredited web-based schools

    More women than men in web-based courses

    Internet studies, adult education, courses, course completion, distance education, e-learning, main subjects (for example languages, social studies, service)

  • Population's level of education and connection with the labour market.

    Reports 2015/11

  • Upper secondary education

    Women outnumber men in programmes for general studies

    upper secondary education, folk high schools, tertiary vocational education, pupils, apprentices, tainees, education programmes, fields of study, vocational examinations, apprentice examination, course level, completed education, interrupted education, immigrants, Norwegian-born with immigrant parents

  • Households’ payments in kindergartens, rates of change

    Rise in kindergarten fees

    parents' payments, kindergarten rates, private kindergartens, public kindergartens

  • National tests

    Equal results in English

    pupils, primary and lower secondary schools, results, pupil performance, command level

  • Post-secondary vocational education

    tertiary vocational education, tertiary education, vocational education

  • Facts about education in Norway 2015

    In which part of Norway do fewest children attend kindergarten? In which field of education is there an equal number of male and female students? This pamphlet presents main tables on education statistics, from kindergarten to university.

  • Pupils in primary and lower secondary school

    Fewer pupils receiving special education

    primary schools, lower secondary schools, combined schools, special education, private schools, school size, native language training, form of Norwegian language, bokmål, nynorsk, computer access

  • Accounts for private kindergartens

    Government subsidies covered 85 per cent of expenditures

    state subsidies, parental payment, hourly rate, operating costs, revenues