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  • Pupils and students are older in Norway

    In 2012, 15 per cent of pupils who completed an upper secondary study programme in Norway were over 25 years old; one of the highest rates in the OECD and somewhat higher than the average of 5 per cent.

  • Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

    Reports 2014/29

  • This is Norway 2014

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Universities and colleges - StatRes

    More students in tertiary education

    students, student places, credit points, applicants, completed education, completion time, degrees, research activities, scientific publications, publication points, operating costs, wage expenditures, man-years

  • Introduction programme for immigrants

    Highest participation so far

    introduction benefit

  • Lifelong learning

    More than half of young employed persons participate in formal education

    adult education, training, Learning Conditions Monitor (LCM)

  • Adult education, accredited web-based schools

    One in four are women in their 20s

    Internet studies, adult education, courses, course completion, distance education, e-learning, main subjects (for example languages, social studies, service)

  • Throughput of students in tertiary education

    Many not completing degrees

    graduates, specialist field (for example social studies, law, the humanities), Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, completion time

  • Household payments in kindergartens, January 2014

    Reports 2014/24

  • Households’ payments in kindergartens, price level survey

    Increased maximum fee

    parents' payments, kindergarten rates, private kindergartens, public kindergartens, means-tested payment, sibling discount

  • Throughput of pupils in upper secondary education

    More pupils complete upper secondary education

    university and college admission certificate attained, vocational qualification attained, degree of completion, pupils, parent's level of education, general studies, vocational studies, immigrants, norwegian-born with immigrant parents, school credits, standard time, upper secondary education completed

  • Population´s level of education

    More women attain tertiary education

    educational attainment (primary and lower secondary school, upper secondary school), university college/university), education

  • Imputation of missing data among immigrants in the Register of the Population's Level of Education (BU)

    Documents 2014/27

    This documentation describes a proposed method for imputing missing data among immigrants in the Register of the Population’s Level of Education (BU) in Norway.

  • Upper secondary education

    Steady increase of pupils on programmes for general studies

    upper secondary education, folk high schools, tertiary vocational education, pupils, apprentices, tainees, education programmes, fields of study, vocational examinations, apprentice examination, course level, completed education, interrupted education, immigrants, Norwegian-born with immigrant parents

  • Students at universities and colleges

    Most students in Health, welfare and sport

    educational institution, specialist field (for example social studies, law, humanities and arts), students abroad, countries of destination, type of institution, ownership, immigrants, norwegian-born with immigrant parents, parents' educational attainment level