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  • Wholesale trade, price index

    Wholesale prices increased 0.2 per cent

    wholesale trade (for example food, fuel, building materials)

  • Index of household consumption of goods

    Electricity pulled down household consumption of goods

    volume index, household consumption (for example car purchase, food consumption, electricity consumption)

  • Index of retail sales

    Decline in retail sales

    retail sales, volume index, value index, retail trade, commodity trade, turnover (for example groceries, clothing, building materials)

  • Sales of petroleum products

    Increased sales of diesel and gasoline

    petrol, diesel, paraffin, heating oils, jet fuel, marine gas oils, lubricant, groups of buyers (for example transport, homes, manufacturing), petrol prices

  • Statistics on alcohol sales

    Decline in alcohol sales

    wine, spirits, beer, alco pops

  • Retail sales, investment statistics

    Increase in investments

    value index, retail trade, retail outlets, investments, working capital, machinery and fixtures and fittings, vehicles, new buildings and renovation

  • Cross border trade

    NOK 14.1 billion in cross border trade

    shopping in Sweden, trips to buy cheaper goods, day trips, shopping trips, shopping amounts

  • Wholesale and retail trade sales statistics

    Sports and Internet sales up

    retail trade, wholesale trade, trade in goods, auto repair shops, turnover by sector (for example groceries, clothing, building materials), turnover per capita, web shopping

  • Business activities and support service activities, turnover index

    Small increase within technical activities

    value index, estate agency, property letting, legal services, accounting services, architectural services, business advisory services, technical consultants, R&D, advertising, veterinary activities, commercial services

  • This is Norway 2015

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Wholesale and retail trade, breakdown of turnover by product

    Food, beverages and tobacco taking a bigger piece of the pie

    retail trade, commodity trade, wholesale trade, agency business, product groups (for example food, household goods, fuel), sales revenues, enterprises, industry breakdown

  • Business activities, breakdown of turnover by product

    Legal activities for NOK 13.8 billion

    legal services, accounting services, auditing services, tax advisory services, management consultancy, market surveys and opinion polls, architectural services, technical consultancy services, advertising, media representation, recruitment and supply of labour

  • Business activities, structural business statistics

    Growth within management consultancy

    property industry, estate agents, letting services, architectural services, legal services, R&D, advertising, veterinary activities, security services, cleaning services, turnover, employees, enterprises

  • Other service statistics, structural business statistics

    NOK 9 billion for beauty treatment

    repair services, personal services, enterprises, employees, turnover

  • Wholesale and retail trade, structural statistics

    Weak growth for wholesale and retail trade continues

    retail trade, commodity trade, wholesale trade, agency business, enterprises, establishments, employees, turnover, wage costs, gross investments, industry breakdown, motor vehicles, motorbikes