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  • Enterprises

    Three in four employed in private limited companies

    employees, turnover, enterprise size, enterprise by industry, organisational forms (for example limited company, sole proprietorship, Norwegian-registered foreign enterprise), new businesses, change of ownership, new registrations, high growth enterprises, ceased trading, disposals, closures, new enterprises

  • ICT usage in enterprises

    Six in ten enterprises use social networks

    information and communication technology, enterprises, electronic communication, Internet use, websites, ICT use by industry, online shopping, security solutions

  • Key figures for listed enterprises

    Up from a weak quarter

    operating profit margin, equity ratio, operating income, operating profit, accounts

  • Accounting statistics, non-financial enterprises foreign financing

    More current assets abroad

    foreign debt, assets abroad, assets, foreign debt, foreign investments, bank deposits, country breakdown

  • Industry statistics for Svalbard

    Coal mining's share of turnover in Svalbard continues to decline

    turnover, government subsidies, investments, employees, wage costs, mining, establishments

  • Innovation in the business enterprise sector

    Innovation expenditure of almost NOK 60 billion in 2014

    innovation activities, innovative enterprises, product, process, marketing and organisational innovation, innovation, new products and processes, innovation cooperation

  • Business activities, price indices

    Small growth in prices for legal and business consultancy activities

    price development, service price index, legal services, accounting and auditing, business advisory services, architectural services, car rental, labour supply services, cleaning services

  • Effect on firm performance of support from Innovation Norway

    Reports 2015/35

    In this report we study possible effects of government support to firms from Innovation Norway (IN) – a government agency that aims to promote firm growth through innovation programs, regional support and other industrial policies.

  • Bankruptcies

    Fewer bankruptcies

    bankruptcies by industry, sales value, enterprise bankruptcies, personal bankruptcies, compulsory sales, organisational structure, year founded

  • Foreign-controlled enterprises in Norway

    More Swedish and Danish ownership

    value added, country of ownership, enterprise by industry, FATS (Foreign Afiliates Statistics), globalisation

  • Shares and capital returns

    NOK 331 billion paid in dividends

    limited companies, public limited companies, share capital, share dividends, share premium, shares, shareholders, stockholders, protection allowance

  • Welfare effects of a corporate tax rate reduction in Norway

    Reports 2015/27

  • Accounting statistics for non-financial limited companies

    Equity up – profits down

    operating income, operating expenses, operating profit, net profit, fixed assets, current assets, equity, liabilities, annual accounts, profit and loss account, balance sheet items, assets

  • Board and management in limited companies

    Male-dominated boards

    board members, directorship, general managers, chairman of the board, limited company

  • Income and deductions for companies

    Ordinary income fell substantially

    income from self-employment, taxable income, tax position, deductions, tax return accounts, reducing balance depreciation