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  • Norwegian Media Barometer 2013

    Statistical analyses 140

  • Norwegian media barometer

    More time spent on Internet

    media use, media access, newspapers, Internet, TV, radio, books, computers, video, music media, weeklies, cartoons, journals, mobile phones

  • Travel survey

    Increase in outbound trips in 2013

    holiday trips, business trips, destinations, foreign travel, domestic trips, guest nights, accommodation, mode of transport, travel expenses

  • Cultural Statistics 2012

    Statistical analyses 139

    This publication provides figures and information about cultural statistics. The main purpose of this publication is to present an overview of available statistics in various cultural fields in Norway.

  • Sports and outdoor activities, survey on living conditions

    Eight in ten exercise at least once a week

    exercise, training, hiking, outdoor activities (for example bathing, hiking, fishing), sports (for example swimming, football, skiing), recreational activities

  • Religious communities and life stance communities

    8 per cent increase in religious and life stance communities

    members, religions (for example christianity, islam, buddism), religious community, Norwegian Humanist Association

  • Statistical yearbook of Norway 2013

    132nd issue

    The Statistical Yearbook of Norway presents the main trends in official statistics in most areas of society. The 2013 edition is the 132nd yearbook and contains 479 tables and figures.

  • Timeuse among women and men in different phases of life and family types

    Reports 2013/45

  • Paid and unpaid work among fathers and mothers

    Reports 2013/44

  • Political parties' financing

    Fall in political parties’ income in 2012

    party contributions, government funding, contributions from labour organisations, capital income, private funding, membership fees

  • Joint parish councils, accounts

    Increased municipal grants to churches

    clerical finance, operational accounts, expenditure, investments, government transfer, municipal subsidies

  • Church of Norway

    Fewer people baptised and confirmed

    state church, Church of Norway, members, christening, confirmation, church weddings, funerals, services, communion, church collection, diocese, operating costs, employees

  • Academic and special libraries

    Lending at 2.3 million

    university library, university college library, national library, special library, lending, borrowing, collections, books, journals, digital documents, employees, revenues, expenditure

  • Museums and collections

    10.7 million visits to museums

    museum visits, exhibitions, objects, cultural history buildings, employees, revenues, expenditure

  • Norwegian Culture Barometer 2012

    Statistical analyses 135

    The Norwegian Culture Barometer is a publication based on Statistics Norway’s survey about the use of culture. In the survey, a representative sample of the total population aged 9-79 years answers questions on how often they have used different c...