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  • Minifacts about Norway 2015

    Minifacts about Norway presents key information about Norway in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

  • Patient statistics

    Musculoskeletal problems

    health regions, health enterprises, diagnoses, illnesses, bed days, admissions, polyclinic consultations, doctor's visits, day treatment

  • Accidents at work

    work accidents, industrial accidents, industrial injuries, job security, accidents, ESAW

  • Sickness absence

    Stable seasonally-adjusted sickness absence

    sick leave man-days, sickness absence rate

  • Health accounts

    Health expenditures grow with the population

    health care expenditures, health services (for example medical services, rehabilitation, nursing home services), financing sources (for example establishments, national insurance, own risk), satellite accounts, hospital services, own risk

  • Smoking habits

    Smoking continues to decrease

    smokers, daily smokers, tobacco use, snuff users

  • Disabled people on the labour market in 2014

    Reports 2014/36

  • Nursing and care services 2013

    Reports 2014/33

  • A healthy look at Norway

    Booklets 2014/30

    Here you will get brief information about the Norwegian health system, health expenditure, lifestyle habits, sickness absence and the population's use of various health services. The brochure also contains selected key figures about health.

  • GPs and emergency primary health care

    Stable use of general practitioners and emergency primary health care services

    emergency primary health care, general practioners services, GPs, consultations

  • This is Norway 2014

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Disabled people, Labour force survey

    Stable employment rate among disabled people

    labour market, labour force status, employees, unemployed, adaptation

  • Nursing and care services

    More home nursing

    elderly care, nursing homes, disabled, home nursing care, home help, home help services, IPLOS, retirement homes, institutions, care homes, nursing staff, discharge, support person, care benefit, UCPA (user controlled personal assistance)

  • Municipal health care service

    Almost NOK 14 billion on municipal health care services

    municipal health care service, operating costs, health centres, school health service, health checks, health personnel (for example physiotherapists, health visitors, midwives), nursing home residents

  • Dental health care

    More than NOK 3 billion in public dental care

    dental health care status, caries, dentists, dental hygienists, dental secretaries, operating costs