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  • Wage index

    Wages up 0.4 per cent in construction

    wage development, main business sectors (for example manufacturing, building and construction, oil)

  • Unemployment among immigrants, register-based

    Male EU immigrants had strongest increase

    labour market initiatives, immigrant background, period of residence

  • Labour force survey, seasonally-adjusted figures

    4.5 per cent unemployment

    LFS, labour market, employees, unemployed, economically active, man-weeks worked, labour force

  • This is Norway 2015

    In "This is Norway", Statistics Norway presents statistics on a range of areas in Norwegian society in a user-friendly manner.

  • Labour force survey

    Increase in unemployment among youths

    LFS, labour market, employees, unemployed, economically active, labour force, labour force status, employees by industry, underemployment, part-time work, hours of work, temporary staff

  • Employment among short-term immigrants

    More employees on short-term stays

    migrant workers, labour immigration, employees, self-employed

  • Basis for employers’ National Insurance contributions

    NI contributions within private sector increase 4.01 per cent

    calculated employers’ National Insurance contributions, zones for employers’ National Insurance contributions.

  • Labour demand until 2040 in the Norwegian Specialist Health Care sector

    Reports 2015/29

  • Employment among immigrants, register-based

    Continued growth among employed immigrants

    immigrant background, country background, period of residence, employees, occupational groups, self-employed, industries (for example manufacturing, public administration, restaurants)

  • Accidents at work

    Fatal accidents: more than 9 in 10 are men

    work accidents, industrial accidents, industrial injuries, job security, accidents, ESAW

  • Employment in municipal activities

    Increase in man-years in municipal authorities

    contracted man-years, municipal services (for example nursing care, kindergartens, schools), county authority services (for example upper secondary school studies, dental health, administration)

  • Health care personnel

    Increase in health care personnel

    health care personnel (for example doctors, nurses, dentists), social work personnel (for example social workers, child welfare officers, care workers), labour force status, man-years, health and social care studies, health and social services, further education (for example health visitor, midwife, anaesthetist), GP, immigrant background

  • Employment, register-based

    Increase in employment in most counties

    labour market, employees, hours of work, occupations (for example nurses, cooks, car mechanics), level of education, commuting, industries (for example manufacturing, public administration, hotels), public sector, private sector

  • Index of labour costs

    0.1 per cent increase in construction

    labour costs, index, main business sector (for example manufacturing, building and construction, oil), industries, full-time employees, part-time employees

  • Job vacancies

    Strong job vacancy decrease in oil and gas

    job offer, industry breakdown (e.g. manufacturing, teaching, health services…).