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  • External trade in goods

    Trade surplus down

    import, export, balance of trade (export minus import), mainland exports, imports excluding ships and oil platforms, trade ( between countries, continents and trade regions), international product groups (for example hs, sitc and bec), product groups (for example food, crude oil and metals)

  • Export of salmon

    A small increase in export price of fresh salmon

    farmed salmon, price of salmon, export quantity, fresh/chilled salmon, frozen salmon

  • International reserves and foreign currency liquidity

    Increase in international reserves

    currency flows, securities, foreign exchange reserves

  • External trade in services

    Increase in external trade in services

    import, export, non-financial enterprises, service types (for example sea transport, petroleum services, research and development), trade, industry groups (for example transport, business services, mining and quarrying)

  • External debt position

    The figures are updated

    loan debt, gross debt, debt

  • Balance of payments

    NOK 319 billion in current account surplus

    current balance, direct investments, operational and capital accounts, financial accounts, investment abroad, foreign investment, transactions, stocks, financial assets, liabilities, portofolio investment, financial investments, revaluations, current account balance, balance of income and current transfers, reinvested earnings, net assets, imports, exports

  • Accounting statistics, non-financial enterprises foreign financing

    Assets abroad rising

    foreign debt, assets abroad, assets, foreign debt, foreign investments, bank deposits, country breakdown

  • Cash flows between Norway and abroad

    Increase in settlement flows

    register of Cross Borders and Transactions and Currency Exchange, banking transactions (for non-financial enterprises and private individuals), incoming and outgoing payments, country areas, main business sectors (for example manufacturing, electricity and water supply, fishing)

  • Direct investment, stocks and income

    Weaker growth in direct investment abroad

    FDI, abroad, investment, stocks, equity, loans, dividends, interest yield

  • Drop in export of weapons

    The value of Norwegian exports of military equipment dropped by over NOK 400 million in 2013, to a total of about NOK 2.1 billion. Weapon exports have fallen every year since their peak in 2008. The group military weapons and parts for weapons dec...

  • External trade in goods, indices of volume and price

    Fourth consecutive quarter with rising import prices

    import, export, price trends, volume development, product groups (for example food, raw materials, fuel), areas of application (for example energy goods, building materials, consumables)

  • Statistical yearbook of Norway 2013

    132nd issue

    The Statistical Yearbook of Norway presents the main trends in official statistics in most areas of society. The 2013 edition is the 132nd yearbook and contains 479 tables and figures.

  • Portfolio investment abroad

    Increased portfolio investment abroad

    assets, securities, shares, bonds

  • International investment position

    Increase in Norway’s assets and liabilities

    abroad, assets, liabilities, net assets, IIP, reserves abroad

  • Balance of payments, geographical breakdown

    Positive trade balance in goods with the EU, negative balance in services

    balance of goods, balance of services, current balance, export, import