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Air transport

Figures for May 2024

The aim of the statistics is to describe all commercial transport of passengers and goods in Norway and compile data to facilitate international comparisons.

Statistics / Transport and tourism
Comparison of price levels in Europe

Figures for 2023

The statistics highlight the relative price level between countries using Purchasing Power Parities (PPP). PPPs tell us how many currency units a given quantity of goods and services costs in different countries. PPPs are used to convert a country's GDP to comparable volume aggregates, as well as for analysis of the level of expenditure.

Statistics / Prices and price indices
Norwegian for adult immigrants

Figures for 2023

The statistics includes (1) participants in Norwegian language training and social studies, (2) participants in Norwegian language training for asylum seekers and (3) test results for the Norwegian language test and social studies test. The schemes are governed by the Introduction Act.

Statistics / Education
Joint parish councils, accounts

Figures for 2023

The joint parish council accounts comprising of parochial church councils show summarized financial results of all Norwegian churches.

Statistics / Public sector
International reserves and foreign currency liquidity

Figures for May 2024

The final/preliminary figures for international reserves and foreign currency liquidity are published monthly on behalf of Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway. Publishing of these figures is a part of the central banks obligations according to IMF’s Special Dissemination Standard (SDDS).

Statistics / External economy
Scale and productivity in incorporated businesses where owners have an immigrant background

Previous research shows that among joint-stock companies, immigrant enterprises account for a disproportionately small share of turnover, value added, wage costs and employment, compared to their share of the enterprise population.

Report / Establishments, enterprises and accounts
Measures against carbon leakage

Countries with ambitious climate targets are concerned about carbon leakage to countries with more lenient or no carbon pricing.

Discussion paper / Nature and the environment
Sales of petroleum products and liquid biofuels

Figures for May 2024

The statistics present sales of finished refined petroleum products and liquid biofuels by industry. The statistics do not include petroleum products used as raw materials or petroleum products consumed in the energy-producing industries.

Statistics / Energy and manufacturing
Basis for employers’ National Insurance contributions

Figures for May 2024

The statistics shows basis for employer’s National Insurance contributions by different distinctions. Employers’ contributions to National Insurance are divided into different rates by region.

Statistics / Labour market and earnings
Shares and dividend payments

Figures for 2023

The statistics give an overview of ownership of Norwegian limited and public limited companies, how much the companies pay in dividends and who receives the dividends.

Statistics / Establishments, enterprises and accounts