Variable definitions

A variable is a characteristic of a unit being observed that may assume more than one of a set of values to which a numerical measure or a category from a classification can be assigned.

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List of variable definitions in alphabetical order

The list of variables is not complete. It will be updated in parallel with documentation of variables for different areas of statistics.

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Absence due to sickness
Accessibility for wheelchair users
Access to common garden
Access to garden
Accounts receivable from customers and earned, not invoiced operating income
Accrued investment costs
Acquisitions of non-financial assets
Actual collective consumption
Additional provision
Additional tax
Address of sending
Adjusted disposable income
Adjustment of the share equity
Administration costs for operation of vessels.
After-tax income
After-tax income and interest payment/housing income
After-tax income per consumption unit, EU scale
After-tax income per consumption unit, OECD scale
Age at end of year
Age at immigration
Age of oldest person in family
Age of oldest person in the household
Age of youngest person in family
Age of youngest person in the household
Age on reference date
Agricultural and forestry property
Agricultural area
Agricultural area in use
Agricultural area not in use
Agricultural area under conversion to organic farming
Agricultural deductions
Agricultural holding
Aircraft movements
Alimonies and child support
All important rooms in the dwelling accessible to wheelchair users.
Amount of landfilled waste
Amount of waste
Amount of waste sent to biogas plant
Amount of waste sent to composting in waste treatment plants
Amount of waste sent to incineration
Analogous modem
Annual bedcapacity
Annual increment, forest
Annual roomcapacity
Application on funds and loans
Approved votes cast
Arable land
Area drained for forest production
Assessable income
Assessed membership contribution to the national insurance
Assessed taxes
Assessed tax value of dwelling
Assessed tax value of farm
Assessed tax value of forests
Assessed tax value of furniture and household contents
Assessed tax value of primary residence
Assessed tax value of secondary residence
Assessed value of real properties
Assistance in the home
Automated data exchange
Available bed-days
Average annual rents per sqm
Average length of carriage per tonne
Average length of laden journeys
Average length of stay
Average monthly rents


Balance of trade in goods
Bank deposits
Baptized persons
Bareboat charter Income from foreign charterers
Bareboat charter income from Norwegian charterers.
Bareboat charter paid cost for renting inn a foreign ship.
Bareboat charter paid cost for renting inn a Norwegian ship
Basic and attendance benefit
Basic monthly salary
Basic statistical unit
Basis for calculation of personal income
Basis for employer's National Insurance contributions
Basis for surtax
Basis for tax on natural resources
Basis for this year's depreciation
Bathroom accessible for wheelchair users
Bed-days (somatic)
Bedroom accessible for wheelchair user
Beds (2)
Beef cow
Benefit months
Benefit recipient's most important source of subsistence
Biological waste treatment
Bond fund
Bonds and money market funds
Broadband subscription
Broadband telephony
Building demolished
Building loans
Buildings completed
Buildings permitted
Buildings under construction
Buildings work started
Business address
Business address, house number
Business trip
Byer group, industrial roundwood


Calculated employer's National Insurance contribution
Calculated grid loss
Calculated net loss
Capacity for camping sites
Capital assets
Capital contribution
Capital loss, selling of shares
Capital transfers
Capital yield deduction
Care measure
Car expenses
Cargo unit
Carrying capacity
Cars scrapped against refund
Cash and bank deposits
Cash for care
Census form 2001, means of return
Central government final consumption expenditure
Centre zone
Cervids felled
Changes in inventories
Changes in sector classification and exchange rates
Child allowance
Child pension recipients
Children in kindergarten
Children in the household
Children - number of parents in the household and de facto marital status of parents
Childrens' number of siblings in the household
Children - type of siblings in the household
Children under 18 years in household
Child welfare officer
Citizenship of household members
Claims provision
Classification of centrality
Classification of Institutions
Classification of municipality
Class of shares
Client's reason for contact
Closing balance by 31 December
Code for corrections/imputations in Census 2001
Combined vehicle
Combustion residues
Commercial roundwood removals
Commision income
Commission and administrative pool earnings.
Commission submitted
Commission to charterers, brokers and agents.
Compensation of employees
Completed education
Completed Teacher Training Programme (2)
Conclusion of case
Consumer Price
Consumer Price Index - adjusted
Consumption expenditure
Consumption in power-intensive manufacturing
Consumption of fixed capital
Consumption without extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas and power intensive manufacturing
Consumption without power-intensive manufacturing
Contact person in family nucleus
Contact person in the family
Contact person in the household
Content of heavy metals in sewage sludge
Continent of immigration/emigration
Contracted man-years
Contracted man-years adjusted for long-term leaves
Contracted working hours
Contractual days of work
Contractual man-days
Contractual man-hours
Contractual man-weeks
Contractual pension
Contractual pension, private sector
Contractual pension, public sector
Contractual percentage of full-time equivalent
Contributions to private and public pension shemes (job-related)
Correction income
Corrections in the credit indicator C2
Costs for repairing and maintenance of vessels
Country background (2)
Country of birth
Country of destination
Country of immigration/emigration
Country of origin
Country of study
County of production
Couple's employment
Couples in the household
Course participation
Credit indicator C2
Credit lines secured on dwellings
Credit lines, working capital facility and consumer credit
Crowded dwelling
Cultivable land
Current activity status
Current activity status, detailed
Current assets
Current liabilities
Current ratio
Current taxes on income and wealth
Current transfers payable to non-residents, net
Current transfers to NPISHs
CVT courses


Date for change of marital status
Date of birth
Date of conclusion
Date of deregistration of vehicle
Date of first immigration
Date of first treatment meeting
Date of registration
Date of validity
Day case
Day case in hospital ward
Day cases
Debt-income ratio
Debt instruments
Debt on tax
Deduction for foreign services
Deduction for gifts to voluntary organzations
Deduction for previous years deficit
Deductions in income
Deductions, total
De facto marital status
Deficit available from previous years, intra-group contributions and other income and expenditure
Deficits carried forward from previous years
Degree of disability of disability pensioner
Delay duty
Deposit capital
Deposits and currency
Deposits with ceding undertakings
Deposits with index-linked yield
Depreciation and write-down
Depreciation and write down of tangible and intangible fixed assets
Depreciations etc, extraction of petroleum
Depreciations etc, other central government enterprises
Development class
Digital signature
Direct investments abroad
Direct labour costs
Disability benefit
Disability pensioners with minimum pension
Discharge to water
Discounting credit
Dispatcher/recipient abroad
Disposable income
Disposable income for Norway
Disposition of catch
Distributed earnings
Dividends/coupon payments
Docking costs.
Doctor-certified sickness absence
Domestic debts
Domestic non-local loans, total, Special and research libraries
Domestic trip
Duration of residence
Dwellings demolished
Dwelling support


Economic region
Education code nus2000u, not recoded
Education code, recoded
Elected representatives, by employment background - private or public sector
Electricity consumption without extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas and power intensive manufacturing
Electronic commerce
Electronic communication
Electronic journal system
Emission intensity
Emmissions to air
Employed persons
Employed persons - structural business statistics
Employee income (2)
Employees (2)
Employees with sickness absence certified by doctor
Employers' contributions, National Insurance Scheme
Employment status
Enrolled in the Church of Norway
Enterprise number
Enterprise Resource Planning
Entrepreneurial and real estate deficit
Entrepreneurial deficit and real estate deficit
Environmental protection expenditure
Equalization tax to the State
Equity (2)
Equity certificates
Equity fund
Equity ratio
Estimated annual earnings
Estimated gross financial capital
Estimated gross wealth
Estimated investment costs
Estimated investments
Estimated market value primary dwelling
Estimated market value secondary dwelling
Estimated real capital
Exchange student
Exports of electric power
Exports of goods
Exports of goods and services
External balance of current account
External balance of goods and services
External balance of primary incomes and current transfers
External debt
Extramural R&D expenditures


Facilitated for persons with long-term disability
Family number
Family number (BESYS)
Family number (CPR)
Family size (Besys)
Family status
Family type (Besys)
Farmed species
Final consumption expenditure
Final consumption expenditure of households
Final consumption expenditure of NPISHs
Final investments
Financial assets
Financial derivatives
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured (FISIM)
Financial items, net
Financial leasing
Financial wealth ratio
Fingerling production
Finnmark deduction
Fish for food
Fishing as source of livelihood
Fishing gear
Fishing grounds
Fixed assets
Fixed capital formation, aquaculture farm
Flag state of the ship
Foreign debt
Forest area of young stand tended
Forest area planted or seeded
Forest property
Forest roads for motor vehicles
FoU-licence, aquaculture
Free car
Full-time employed persons
Full time employee
Full-time equivalent persons
Full time/Part time
Fully organic agricultural area
Fund for future liabilities
Further referral


Gains/losses on securities
Goods and services (2)
Goods transport performance
Governmental final consumption expenditure
Government subsidies/refunds
Grade, NUS2000
Grants and pension premiums
Grid rent
Gross capital formation
Gross capital income
Gross consumption of electricity
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Gross fixed capital formation
Gross fixed capital formation, extraction of petroleum
Gross freight from domestic trade
Gross income
Gross investment expenses
Gross investments
Gross National Income (GNI)
Gross operating result
Gross premiums written
Gross production of electricity
Gross production of hot water and steam
Gross tonnage
Gross value of industrial wood
Gross wage and social benefits to crew members
Gross wage to land based staff
Ground rent income
Growing stock
Growth in annual earnings, full-time equivalents
Growth in debt
Guest night


Harmonized index of consumer prices with constant taxes (HICP-CT)
Heavy motor cycle
Holiday dwelling. Annual capacity
Holiday trip
Home investment savings for young people (BSU)
Home investment savings with tax deduction for young people
Hours at work per year
Hours worked
House building loans
Household actual final consumption
Household number
Household status
House price
Houserent, landrent, electric lighting, heating
Housing form 2001 returned
Hybrid fund


ICT security measure
ICT strategy
Immigrant category
Import price
Imports of electric power
Imports of goods
Imports of goods and services
Imputed rent (tax value)
Income from real estate
Income from self-employment
Income from work (2)
Income liable to special tax
Income on debt
Income tax
Income tax paid to municipality and county
Index-linked bonds
Index of Industrial Production
Index of retail sales
Index on average basic salaries
Index on average monthly earnings
Indirect staff expenditures
Industrial links
Industrial roundwood
Infield pastureland
Information Technology
Initiative code, aggregated job applicant status
Inpatient stay
Institutional sectors
Insurance claims
Insurance claims/liabilities
Insurance funds
Insurance payout for ships
Insurance Premium on vessels.
Insurance technical reserves
Intangible assets
Interest/dividend to shareholders
Interest expence
Interest expenditure
Interest income
Interest payments
Interest payments and housing income
Interest rate margin
Interest rates at issues
Interest rates on bond debts
Interest received
Interests and dividends
Intermediate consumption
Internal migration, immigration, emigration
International reserves
International road gods transport
Intramural R&D expenditures
Investments in assets with a life expectancy of more than 1 year.
Investments in group companies/subsidiaries
Investments - Retail trade
ISF-revenue from own health region
Issued licences


Job applicant status
Job vacancies
Job vacancy rate
Joint operation in agriculture


Kindergarten fees
Kitchen accessible for wheelchair users


Labour costs
Labour force status
Labour market schemes, aggregated job applicant status
Labour market status
Laden journeys
Land and buildings
Land parcel
LAN (local area network)
Legal form
Length of fishing vessel
Liaison authorities
Licence and permit in fisheries
Licence for aquaculture
Life births or late fetal deaths
Light motor cycle
Limited company
Liner freights, transport of goods
Liner freights transport of passengers.
Livestock grazing on non-cultivated land
Loans to group companies, associated companies and joint ventures
Local government final consumption expenditure
Local loans, Special and research libraries
Lodging turnover
Long term liabilities
Long-term liabilities
Long-term liabilities to group companies
Loss in aquaculture
Lower ground floor
Low income, EU-scale
Low-income, OECD-scale
Lubricant oil
Lump sum maternity grant


last year of immigration


Machinery, equipment and vehicles
Main diagnosis
Main groups of target species
Mainland exports
Main topic of discussion
Main treatment
Management charge
Man-weeks worked
Man-years, museums
Man-years worked
Marital status
Market value
Mean population
Member of the municipal councils
Members' contributions, National Insurance Scheme
Membership contribution to the national insurance
Members of religious and philosophical communities outside the Church of Norway
Members of the Church of Norway
Mercantile positions
Mineral fertilizer
Minimum deductions
Mode of transport
Monetary aggregate M1
Monetary aggregate M2
Monetary aggregate M3
Monetary gold and Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)
Money market fund
Money-neutral sector
Monthly earnings
Mountain dairy farming
Municipality/country of birth
Municipality of residence
Museum activity revenues
Museums, number of exhibitions on Internet
Mutual fund share capital
Mutual fund shares


National identity number
National identity number of spouse/registered partner
National income
National road goods transport
Negative income
Negative transfers
Net acquisitions of non-financial assets
Net asset ratio
Net changes in unrealized capital gain/ loses
Net consumption of electric power (2)
Net deposit/use of funds
Net domestic consumption of natural gas
Net financial assets
Net financial revenue and expenses
Net income from self-employment (2)
Net income on shelf
Net interest income
Net lending/ net borrowing
Net lending/ net borrowing for Norway
Net loan claims
Net operating result
Net production of district heating
Net profit
Net purchases
Net tonnage
New mortgages
New orders received in manufacturing
Nominal value (2)
Non-taxable share dividends and capital gains
Norwegian registered ships
Notes and coins
Number driving licence holders in the household
Number of bathrooms
Number of bedrooms
Number of children (0-17 year) in the household
Number of children (0-17 years) in family
Number of children born alive
Number of children in family, irrespective of age
Number of children in the household, irrespective of age
Number of digital documents; Special and research libraries
Number of discussions on treatment where various affected parties have been involved during the year
Number of exhibitions in museums, total
Number of families in the household
Number of family core
Number of floors
Number of open cultural history buildings
Number of other living rooms
Number of private cars available for the household
Number of private cars owned by the household
Number of rooms for industrial activity
Number of rooms in dwelling
Number of seats, Storting election
Number of votes cast at polling station
Number of votes cast in advance
Number of WCs


Occupancy rate (OECD)
Occupancy rate (Statistics Norway)
Old-age pension
Old-age pensioners with minimum pension
Open establishments
Opening balance per 1 January
Open source software
Operating costs from real property
Operating deficit, central government enterprises
Operating expenses (2)
Operating expenses, total, museums
Operating income
Operating income from real property
Operating licence
Operating margin
Operating profit (2)
Operating profit before tax
Operating profit margin
Operating revenue
Operating surplus
Operating surplus, extraction of petroleum
Ordinary income
Ordinary income after special deduction
Ordinary public operating grants, total
Organic farming
Organic livestock production
Organisation number
Organisation number enterprise connection
Other capital, assets
Other capital, liabilities
Other changes
Other changes in assets and liabilities
Other deposits
Other education, unskilled
Other equity
Other equity FINSE
Other expenses
Other financial capital
Other financial expence
Other financial income
Other financial investment (external economy)
Other funds
Other long-term liabilities
Other operating expenses
Other operating income
Other participants, number
Other property income
Other purchases
Other receivable/liabilities
Other revenue from fixed capital formations
Other short-term liabilities
Other subsidies on production
Other taxable transfers
Other taxes on production
Other tax-free transfers (2)
Other transfers
Outbound trip
Out-of-pocket payments from patients
Output (2)
Overnight stay
Overtime pay
Own consumption in the power stations
Own funds


Paid dividend
Paid man-years
Parental benefit
Parent fish
Parents' tax deduction
Participant's living situation
Participant 's living situation duration
Participant's marital status
Participant's marital status duration
Participant's relation to primary client
Participant's work situation
Part of the country
Part-time employed persons
Part-time employee
Passenger kilometre
Patients with contact with doctor
Payable tax
Paying visitors
Payment for days not worked
Payroll expenses
Pensionable income
Pension payments
Pensions and benefits, National Insurance Scheme
People killed in road traffic accidents
Permanent grassland
Personal income
Personal income carried forward from previous years
Personal income from fishing etc.
Personal income other industry
Personal income, pensions
Personal income primary sector
Personal income self-employment
Personal income wages
Personal income wages and pensions
Person code
Person code (BESYS)
Persons entitled to vote at municipal council and county council election
Persons entitled to vote at the Storting election
Persons injured in a road traffic accidents
Persons with office/mercantile education
Persons with other college/university education
Persons with refugee background
Physical units, Special and research libraries
Place of delivery
Place of residence
Places by contract
Plant protection product
Population density
Port call
Portfolio investment
Portfolio profit/loss
Positive income
Postal address
Power stations, total
Preferance importing goods
Premium income
Premium reserve (2)
Price Index of First-hand Domestic Sales
Price level indices (EU28=100)
Price, office and business properties
Price per room
Prices for electricity and grid, total
Prices per square metre of new detached houses
Primary capital certificate (PCC)
Primary client's living situation
Primary client's living situation duration
Primary client's marital status
Primary client's marital status duration
Primary client's work situation
Primary incomes
Primary incomes payable to non-residents, net
Principal payments
Private car
Producer price index
Production capital and other properties in industry
Production index
Production, total
Production value
Productive forest area
Profitable forest area
Property expenditure
Property income (2)
Property tax
Proposed dividends
Protected natural areas
Provision for liabilities
Provisions for pensions
Pump consumption and other own consumption
Pupil/student on reference day
Purchase price of investments
Purchases of private health services
Purchasing power parities (EU28=1)


Qualifying area
Quantity of catch
Quantity of goods


R&D man-year
R&D personnel
Rate of empty kilometres
Raw materials and consumables used
Raw materials and conumables used
Realised capital gains
Realised capital losses
Real property abroad
Reason for immigration
Reason for immigration, simplified
Reasons for rejecting a vote
Received dividend
Received group contribution
Received share capital
Received share premium
Recipients of Qualification benefits
Reclamation of arable land and surface-cultivated land
Reduction of wealth tax
Reference person in the famly (CPR)
Referred from other authority
Refunds and transfers
Registered mortality of large carnivores and eagles
Registered non-harvest mortality of cervids
Registered transfer of real property
Registered unemployed
Reimbursement of sick pay
Reinsurance share of gross claim payments
Reinsurers share of gross premiums written
Reinvestment of earnings
Rejected votes (2)
Renovation/improvement of dwelling
Rental income
Rented agricultural land
Rented fixed durable assets etc. and tools, equipment etc.
Repayment loans
Report brief
Reporting body
Repossessed assets
Residence one year prior to the Census
Residential code
Resident in bed-sitter
Resident in privat/other household
Resigned from the Church of Norway
Restcompensation by realisation
Result of investigation
Retained earnings
Return on equity
Return on total assets
Revaluation reserve
Revenue per available room
Risk-free return
Road traffic accident
Role type
Running costs
Running income


Salaries in kind
Sales, fees and rent
Sales incomes from district heating
Sales of tangible fixed assets
Sales revenue (2)
Savings for Norway
School municipality
Score points
Seasonal contract
Seat kilometer (2)
Securities and other financial current assets
Self-certified sickness absence
Seller group, industrial roundwood
Service pensions etc. (2)
Service producer price indices
Share capital
Share dividend received
Share issues
Share of retirement pension
Share of unit trusts and bond funds
Share premium reserve etc.
Shares and equity certificates
Shares and other equity
Shares and other securities
Shares and other securities - market value
Share savings account
Shares in mutual funds
Shift- or rotation work
Ship accident
Ship age
Ship grouping
Ship register
Shopping spending
Shore zone
Short-term liabilities
Sick leave percentage
Sickness absence duration
Sickness absence man-days
Sickness benefits
Site quality
Sitting room accessible for wheelchair users
Size of family
Size of household
Small game
Small game yield
Social assistance
Social history buildings, total
Social security benefits
Social security costs
Social workers
Special deduction in taxable dividends
Special deductions
Specialised positions
Special loans, dispatched orders, total, Special and research libraries
Special loans, physical units, total, Special and research libraries
Special purpose vehicles
Special tax
Spesial and research libraries, number of identifying
Spouse's country background
Standard gross margin of an agricultural holding
Standard output of agricultural products
State wealth tax
Statistical discrepancy (2)
Statistical value
Status code
Stock of goods in manufacturing
Stock of live fish for food
Stocks (market value)
Stocks (nominal value)
Stocks of orders in manufacturing
Student debt
Student grants
Student in Census 2001
Stystem for heating, uses gas
Subsidies on production
Subsidies on products
Subventions and other expenditures
Supplementary industries in forestry
Supplementary industry to agriculture
Surface-cultivated land
System for heating, central heating
System for heating, distant heating supply
System for heating, has closed stoves for solid fuel
System for heating, has electric stoves
System for heating, has heat pump
System for heating, has open fireplace
System for heating, has stoves for liquid fuel
System for heating, other systems
System for heating, uses electricity
System for heating, uses liquid fuel
System for heating, uses solid fuel
System for heating, uses sun energi
Systems for heating
Systems for heating, has hot-water heating
Systems for heating, uses other source for energy


Tangible fixed assets (2)
Target species
Taxable dividend
Taxable gross financial capital
Taxable gross wealth
Taxable income
Taxable net wealth
Taxable part of accident/injury at work insurance
Taxable property abroad
Taxable real capital
Taxable realised capital gains from shares
Taxable share dividends
Taxable transfers (2)
Taxable wealth
Tax assets
Tax deduction
Tax deduction for expenses on research and development
Tax deduction for old age pensioners
Tax deduction for received dividends
Tax deduction for tax on natural resources
Tax deduction for tax paid to foreign country
Taxes on production
Taxes on products
Tax-free transfers
Tax limitation according to paragraph 17
Tax on ground rent income
Tax on natural resources
Tax reduction, transition rules pension
Tax revenue
Technical provisions
Temporary absentees
Temporary employees
Tenure status
The dwelling has it's own parking place
The father's national identity number
The labour force
The monetary base M0
The money-holding sector
The money-issuing sector
The mother/father's employment
The mother's national identity number
Therapist's qualifications
This year's depreciation
Timecharter cost paid for renting inn foreign ships.
Time charter income from foreign charterers
Time charter income from Norwegian time charterers
Time charter income from Offshore supply vessels
Timecharter paid cost for renting inn a Norwegian ship
Time deposits
Toilet accessible to wheelchair user
Tonnage carried
Tonnage tax
Topic of discussions
Total allowance
Total allowances
Total assessed taxes
Total assessed taxes and negative transfers
Total assets (2)
Total consumption in power-intensive manufacturing
Total costs for the operation of ships abroad.
Total current assets
Total equity and liabilities (2)
Total expenditure
Total fixed assets
Total fixed capital formations
Total gross freight
Total income (3)
Total loans
Total number of artefacts in the museums
Total number of discussions on the case in the year
Total number of hours in the year
Total production of electric power
Total standard output of agricultural holdings
Total transfers (2)
Total weight of the vehicle
Tourist expenditure
Trade creditors
Trade credits
Traditional exports
Traditional imports
Training costs
Transaction deposits
Transactions (2)
Transferred internal expenditures
Transferred internal revenues
Transferred to equity
Transferred to profit and loss account
Transfers (2)
Transfers from central government
Transfers from joint parish councils/parish councils
Transfers from municipalities
Transfers from municipalities and county municipalities
Transfers from others and donations
Transfers from other state accounts
Transfers to households
Transfers to municipalities and county municipalities
Transfers to others
Transfers to other state accounts
Transport for hire or reward
Transport for own account
Traveling expenses
Treasury bills, marketable certificates etc
Turnover, alcoholic beverages
Turnover in oil and gas, manufacturing, mining and electricity supply - monthly
Twelve-month growth
Type of birth
Type of building, aggregated
Type of building, detailed
Type of couple
Type of Education, NUS2000
Type of enterprise drop-out
Type of family
Type of family, aggregated classification
Type of family, detailed classification
Type of farming of agricultural holdings
Type of household
Type of household, aggregated classification
Type of household, alternative classifikation
Type of household, detailed classification
Type of marriage
Type of newly- registered enterprise
Type of transport
Type of vehicle


Ultimate investing country
Unemployment benefit
Urban district
Urban settlement
Utilisation of capacity
Utility floor space (2)
Utility floor space, interval


Valid votes
Value added
Value of catch
Variable additional allowances
Vehicle-kilometres with load
Vessel type
Visitors in groups, total
Visitors in museums, total
Vocational training
Volume indices of real expenditure per capita (EU28=100)
Voyage Charters (parties)
Voyage dependent cost


Wage earners
Wages and other compensations
Wages and remunerations
Wages and salaries
Wages and salaries per full-time equivalent person
Wages and salaries per hour worked
Wages and social expenses
Wage total
Wastewater sewage sludge
Wealth tax
Wealth tax paid to the municipality
Weights in PII
Weights in the CPI
Weights in the Producer Price Index
Wholesale trade, price index
Widow/widower pension recipients
Withdrawals from the income of quasi-corporations
WLAN (wireless local area network)
Wood fuel
Work assessment allowance
Working accounts
Working days lost
Working situation
Working time arrangement
Workplace municipality
Write-down of financial assets


Year of birth
Year of construction
Year of construction, interval
Year of renovation/improvements of dwelling