Assignment financed activities

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Assignment work in Statistics Norway entails the collection and preparation of statistics within specialised areas. Assignments can also entail special handling of data already collected and research assignments that are based on figures from Statistics Norway.

Pricing of assignments

Assignment-financed activities in Statistics Norway are self-financed. This means that assignments must be priced so that the total cost is covered.

The assignments must bear their share of the activity’s general overheads, which are necessary costs that cannot be linked directly to end products. Examples of this are costs of administration and other support functions, infrastructure such as IT and leasing of premises. To this end, a mark-up is applied to the hourly rate payable in relation to labour costs.

The requirement for self-financing applies to the activity as a whole. This means that certain assignments may differ from the norm. Prices for a project are specified in the contract. In addition to the hourly rates, this also applies to any direct costs associated with the project.

The rates are normally based on actual wages for those working on the project, but the table provides some examples of employees in different categories. Rates are exclusive of VAT. Twenty-five per cent VAT is added to hourly rates, unless exceptions under the VAT Act are applicable. 

Hourly rate 2021/2022:

LevelGradeHourly rate 2021Hourly rate 2022
265-741 1201 145
175-841 4201 446
085-2 0002 037


Grouping of job categories:

Group 0 covers top management.

Group 1 covers managers.

Group 2 covers researchers, advisers and project managers.

Group 3 covers the job group executive officer I.

Group 4 covers the job group executive officer II.

Group 5 covers office posts.