The statistics shall be compiled on a professionally independent basis and be:

  • relevant
  • accurate and reliable
  • timely and punctual
  • comparable and coherent
  • easily accessible and well documented

Framework for quality

The European Statistics Code of Practice provides a framework for quality in the European Statistical System and Statistics Norway. It consists of 15 principles with a set of indicators of good practice. In addition to quality criteria for products and processes, the Code contains requirements for institutions that produce official statistics. Requirements of independence, objectivity and protection of respondents (confidentiality) are central.

See more in Quality work in Statistics Norway.

Quality work is otherwise rooted in Statistics Norway’s strategy.

Independence and objectivity in the research

Statistics Norway has extensive research activities in addition to producing statistics. Requirements for professional independence and objectivity of the research correspond to the requirements for official statistics. The requirements for the quality of the research are otherwise the same as for research in general, such as the use of effective methods and verifiability. Research in SSB also provides value added to the statistics and contributes to improve the quality of the statistics.

Quality of service

Quality requirements for our services, such as the information service for questions about statistics and research, or other contact with the institution, are formulated in a separate service declaration.

Principles of communication and dissemination

The main principles of Statistics Norway’s communication and dissemination are transparency, accessibility, comprehensibility, independence and confidentiality.

Continuous improvement

The key to quality of products and services is the work to improve the production processes. Quality work comprises the use of various tools such as quality indicators and quality reports, self- assessments and evaluations. A program of systematic review or audit of the statistics is included in Statistics Norway's internal control.

Lean methodologies are used for streamlining the work in Statistics Norway. This includes techniques for process reviews and operation management. Lean will lay the foundation for continuous improvement throughout the organization.