Quality in Official Statistics

Official statistics should describe reality and quantify what users are interested in. It should be produced and published quickly enough to be relevant for important decisions. Users should be able to trust the statistics. The system for quality assurance of Norwegian official statistics is based on quality requirements in the Norwegian Statistics Act and in the European Statistics Code of Practice.

Quality Requirements

The Statistics Act
The Statistics Act stipulates that Statistics Norway is the central body for preparation and dissemination of official statistics.
The European Statistics Code of Practice
The European Statistics Code of Practice (ES CoP) is a common framework for quality in official statistics for Europe.
International frameworks for quality in official statistics
Several frameworks for quality in official statistics have been developed internationally and are implemented in Norway.

Work on quality in official statistics

Generic Statistical Business Process Model
UN's Generic Statistical Business Process Model describes and defines the set of business processes needed to produce official statistics.
Methods in official statistics
Read about statistical methods like questionnaires, data editing and seasonal adjustment.
Recommended Quality Indicators in Official Statistics (in Norwegian only)
Quality indicators can be used to measure and monitor quality in the production of statistics.
Methodology Network
Statistics Norway organizes a Methodology Network where experiences and information are shared to improve the quality of official statistics.
Standard classifications
Statistics are based on the use of classifications. This is an important prerequisite for comparison of statistics over time and between subject areas. Klass is Statistics Norway's system for classifications and code lists.
Principles of communication and dissemination
The main principles of Statistics Norway’s communication and dissemination are transparency, accessibility, comprehensibility, independence and confidentiality.