Increase in government expenditure
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Central government revenue and expenditureQ3 2015



Increase in government expenditure

Total expenditure in the central government’s fiscal account for the third quarter was NOK 271 billion. This is NOK 15 billion more than in the third quarter of 2014.

Central government fiscal account. Quarter. NOK million.
3rd quarter 20143rd quarter 2015Change in per cent
A. TOTAL REVENUE286 621286 7310.0
Operating surplus extraction of petroleum21 35617 251-19.2
Tax revenue150 121144 816-3.5
Members' and employers' contribution to the National Insurance Scheme90 97296 0925.6
Interest and dividends10 95115 25739.3
Other revenue13 22113 3150.7
B. TOTAL EXPENDITURE255 747270 6165.8
Operating costs35 51237 3475.2
Total fixed capital formation18 50917 527-5.3
Total transfers201 726215 7426.9

Transfers account for most of the expenditure in the third quarter with a sum of NOK 216 billion. This is an increase of NOK 14 billion from the third quarter of last year. Central government operating costs were NOK 37 billion and total fixed capital formation was NOK 18 billion in the third quarter. Wages and salaries account for NOK 18 billion of the total operating costs and purchases of goods, and services account for NOK 11 billion. Operating costs have increased by NOK 2 billion, or 5.2 per cent, from the third quarter of 2014. Fixed capital formation has decreased by NOK 1 billion due to lower investments in the petroleum sector.

Total revenue was NOK 287 billion in the third quarter and this is about the same level as in the third quarter of 2014. Sales revenue and income from the extraction of petroleum has decreased by a total of NOK 4 billion. Transfers to the central government have increased by the same amount. The increase is due to higher payments to the National Insurance Scheme and increased income form interest and dividends. Tax revenue has decreased by NOK 5 billion from the third quarter of last year.

The quarterly figures are subject to random fluctuations, and must be interpreted with caution.

Net cash flow from petroleum activitiesOpen and readClose

A time series for the net cash flow from petroleum activities is now available in StatBank (Table 11013).