Updated land cover figures
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Area of land and fresh water1 January 2015


Updated land cover figures

The figures on land cover by basic statistical unit, municipality and county have been updated in StatBank.

Land and fresh water. Square kilometres1
In all Land Fresh water
1Source: The Norwegian Mapping Authority (1:50 000) and The Norwegian Polar Institute (1: 100 000).
The kingdom of Norway 385 171 365 191 19 980
The mainland 323 772 304 193 19 579
Svalbard 61 022 60 627 395
Jan Mayen 377 371 6

No new basic statistical units or municipalities were created in 2014.

See the standard classification of basic statistical units under the heading “additional information” for the details.

There are some minor changes in the figures for basic statistical units as well as for municipalities as a consequence of ongoing quality work by The Norwegian Mapping Authority.

How to get figures from StatBankOpen and readClose

If you want to get the figures for each single basic unit, or all the basic units, this has to be done in several steps. After choosing the desired table, select the “Select via groups” tab, then select the option “region” in the scroll menu called “Select variable”, and select one of the groups in the scroll menu that appears. After choosing the required basic units, select the button “Select as single values”. You can now return to the “My table” tab and proceed as usual.