Sales value of manufactured goods down
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Production and quantity in industry and mining, for 8/9 digit manufacturing codes (PRODCOM).

Production of commodities in manufacturing, mining and quarrying2015



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Sales value of manufactured goods down

Sales of manufactured goods from manufacturing, mining and quarrying were down 3.3 per cent from 2014 to 2015. The total value of manufacturing and mining was NOK 667 billion.

Sold production of goods in the manufacturing industry. NOK 1 000
20142015Change in per cent
Value (1 000 NOK)Value (1 000 NOK)2014 - 2015
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying689 879 392667 091 212-3.3
Mining and quarrying9 940 3699 036 218-9.1
Manufacturing679 939 023658 054 994-3.2
Figure 1. Sales of manufactured goods for large enterprises in manufacturing, mining and quarrying

The largest decrease in sold production was from the construction of ships and oil platforms, with a decline of over 18 per cent, or NOK 14.5 billion. This follows developments observed in the last year of lower activity in the oil sector in general. Some of the decline must be seen in conjunction with the increase in repair, installation of machinery, which was up over seven per cent. These two industries are closely related to each other with the statistics made on the basis of production codes.

Machinery and equipment also had a difficult year with a decline of over 14 per cent, or NOK 11.5 billion. At the other end of the scale the metal industry showed the largest percentage increase in sold production, with almost ten per cent or nearly NOK six billion. This reflects the increase in metal prices in NOK.

Overall there were 11 industries with a decrease in sold production from 2014 to 2015, six showed a decline.

Food, beverages and tobacco still growing

Food, beverages and tobacco showed an increase in their sales of about ten per cent from 2014 to 2015, and sold for almost NOK 160 billion. This is an increase of over NOK 13 billion and is thus the biggest contributors to curb the decline in total for manufacturing, mining and quarrying. A large part of this is to do with activities surrounding aquaculture.

Oil refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries showed a decline of just over eight per cent, or NOK 11 billion, and this is the forth consecutive year of decline. Part of the explanation may lie in the decline in oil prices from 2014 to 2015.