More wild reindeer felled
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Wild reindeer hunting2014



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More wild reindeer felled

In total, 7 900 wild reindeer were shot during the hunting season in 2014, which is more than any year since 1999.

Wild reindeer felled:
NumberShareChange, per cent
2013 - 20142010 - 2014
Total7 944100.011.345.8
Calf1 10613.94.936.7
Older1 83423.1-1.139.6
Calf1 03013.010.841.7
Older2 83935.726.859.1

The harvest percentage was 38; a decrease of 1 percentage point from 2013. The distribution of age and sex of the harvested animals has remained approximately unchanged in recent years. The felled reindeer last autumn were made up of 2 100 calves, 1 100 aged 1½ years, 1 800 older males and 2 800 older females.

Increased yield on Hardangervidda

The Hardangervidda plateau is Norway's largest wild reindeer area. This year, permissions to shoot 9 000 animals in this area were given, and 2 600 were shot. In 2013, permissions were given to shoot 7 000 animals and 2 000 were shot.

In the wild reindeer area of Snøhetta and Forelhogna, 850 and 630 animals were felled, representing an increase of 160 and 81 animals from 2013 respectively. In Setesdal Austhei, 500 animals were felled, which is a decrease of 21 per cent from the autumn before. Only small changes in harvest figures were recorded in the remaining wild reindeer areas.

More reindeer hunters

Statistics on wild reindeer hunters in 2014 will be published next year. However, 9 800 hunters hunted wild reindeer in the autumn of 2013; an increase of 300 from the year before.