Voter turnout highest among women
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Municipal and county council elections, 2015

Municipal and county council election2015

Election results for all municipalities and headline figures for voter turnout are found under main figures.




Voter turnout highest among women

The turnout in the 2015 elections was 62 per cent among women and 57 per cent among men. Among the over 67s, however, participation is higher among men. Among those with a tertiary education, almost 8 out of 10 voted, while among those without an upper secondary education only 5 out of 10 voted.

Munipal council election and County council election. Electoral turnout, by sex and age. Per cent
Corrected 19 February 2016.
Both sexes
18-19 years34.849.448.3
20-24 years34.739.536.4
25-44 years54.857.751.5
45-66 years67.371.567.7
67-79 years71.476.375.9
80 years or older63.160.156.8
18-19 years38.946.244.1
20-24 years34.736.034.0
25-44 years51.854.447.5
45-66 years66.370.865.2
67-79 years73.477.877.0
80 years or older66.265.762.8
18-19 years31.254.152.9
20-24 years34.643.038.9
25-44 years57.961.555.6
45-66 years68.572.270.3
67-79 years69.975.074.9
80 years or older60.957.153.1

The electoral turnout among people with a tertiary education was 75 per cent. For those with an upper secondary education the turnout was 61 per cent, while for those without an upper secondary education the turnout was 45 per cent. This was the same trend as in the local elections in 2007 and 2011, but the difference has increased over the years.

Turnout declined in most groups

In the last local elections in 2011, the overall turnout increased by 5 percentage points compared to the local elections in 2007. In this year’s elections, the turnout decreased by almost 5 percentage points. The decline appeared in most groups.

4 out of 10 immigrants with a Norwegian passport voted

Forty per cent of immigrants who are now Norwegian citizens voted in the local elections. Among Norwegian citizens without an immigrant background, 64 per cent voted in the election.

3 out of 10 foreign citizens voted

The turnout among foreign citizens was 29 per cent; about the same as in previous local elections.