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Marriages and divorces2013


Fewer marriages, divorces and separations

A total of 23 400 couples got married, 10 900 couples were separated and 9 700 marriages were dissolved by divorce in 2013. Compared to 2012, this is a decrease for all three marital status changes.

Marriages, divorces and separations
2013 Changes in per cent
2012 - 2013 2009 - 2013 2004 - 2013
Marriages contracted 23 410 -3.8 -3.8 4.7
Divorces 9 736 -1.9 -4.9 -11.9
Separations 10 912 -1.6 -8.6 -17.1
Figure 1. Marriages, divorces and separations.
Figure 2. Registered partnerships 1993-2008. Marriages of two persons of the same sex. 2009-2013
Figure 1. Marriages, divorces and separations.Figure 2. Registered partnerships 1993-2008. Marriages of two persons of the same sex. 2009-2013

With the exception of 2009, the number of divorces has decreased since 2005. The decrease has been 12 per cent during these years. The highest decrease was in 2006, and the decrease in other years has varied. Separations have also decreased every year since 2005, except for 2008 and 2009.

Compared to 2012, the number of marriages decreased by 900, but is still high at 23 400. In the period 2006-2020, the average number of marriages was 23 700 and we need to go back to the period 1976-1980 to find an equivalent figure.

A total of 252 same-sex couples were married in 2013. Of these marriages, 90 were between two men and 162 between two women. The number of married same-sex couples has been stable for the last four years. Since 2006, there have been more female couples than male couples contracting a partnership (until 2009) or marriage (from 2009). In 2005, the figure for male and female couples was almost the same, and before that it was mostly male couples.

In 2013, 76 same-sex couples were separated and 56 were divorced. Thirty-two partnerships were dissolved by separation and 38 partnerships were dissolved by divorce.