Few inter-country adoptions
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Few inter-country adoptions

A total of 382 adoptions were carried out in Norway in 2013, which is 16 per cent less than the year before. Compared to 2012, the greatest decrease was in inter-country adoptions, with 33 per cent. The number of stepchildren who were adopted fell, while adoptions of foster children increased.

Total Per cent
2013 2012 - 2013 2003 - 2013
Adoptions, total 382 -16.4 -56.1
Intercontry adoptions 154 -33.3 -76.5
Stepchildren 165 -8.3 4.4
Other adoptions 63 37.0 12.5
Intercountry adoptions, selected countries
China 31 -39.2 -85.1
Colombia 20 -48.7 -83.1
South Korea 7 -75.9 -94.4
Figure 1. Adoptions, by type of adoption
Figure 2. Intercountry adoptions from China, Colombia and South Korea
Figure 3. Intercountry adopted by sex and previous citizenship. 2013
Figure 1. Adoptions, by type of adoptionFigure 2. Intercountry adoptions from China, Colombia and South KoreaFigure 3. Intercountry adopted by sex and previous citizenship. 2013

There were 154 inter-country adoptions and 165 adoptions of stepchildren in 2013. This is the first time since 1981 that there have been fewer inter-country adoptions than adoptions of stepchildren. The number of inter-country adoptions has decreased significantly since the start of the millennium. The number of adoptions of stepchildren has varied between 150 and 240 in recent years.

Most children from China

The majority of children adopted from abroad in 2013 were from China and Colombia, followed by Chile, Philippines, Hungary and South Africa. Since the start of the millennium, most children adopted from abroad have been from China, with the exception of 2011 when there were somewhat more from Colombia. In the period 1989-1995, most children adopted from abroad were from Colombia, and before that they were mostly from South Korea. There were somewhat more boys than girls adopted from abroad in 2013. Almost half of the children adopted from abroad were under 3 years old, 30 per cent were 3-4 years and around 20 per cent were 5 years or older. Since 2009, the number of boys adopted from China has increased, and in the past two years more boys than girls have been adopted from China.

More stepchildren under 3

In about two out of three adoptions of stepchildren in 2013, the child was adopted by their step-father. Thirty-six per cent of the adopted stepchildren were under three years old and 33 per cent were age 18 or older. There were somewhat more girls than boys adopted among the stepchildren in 2013.

Most adoptions in the county of Oslo

The county of Oslo had most adoptions in 2013, followed by the county of Hordaland. The county with the fewest adoptions was Finnmark.