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Decline in manufacturing turnover in the first quarter Articles Energy and manufacturing
Supply and consumption of electricity in the period 1993-2016 Reports 2018/16 Energy and manufacturing
Accumulated pension entitlements in Norway Articles National accounts and business cycles
Continued growth for construction Articles Construction, housing and property
Graduates under 25 years complete most of the graduations on short and medium tertiary level Articles Education, Immigration and immigrants
Highest growth in loans to employees in Oslo Articles Banking and financial markets
Increased turnover for accommodation and food service activities in 2016 Articles Transport and tourism
A small decrease in export price of fresh salmon Articles External economy, Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Use of municipal dwellings Reports 2018/15 Construction, housing and property
Who benefited from industrialization? The local effects of hydropower technology adoption Discussion Papers no. 874 National accounts and business cycles
Increased money supply growth Articles Banking and financial markets
Growth in retail sales Articles Wholesale and retail trade and service activities, Income and consumption
Unchanged growth in domestic debt Articles Banking and financial markets
Increase in transport performance Articles Transport and tourism
Strong growth in driving with electric cars and hybrids Articles Transport and tourism