Revisions to the financial accounts


Minor revisions are always made between first released financial accounts figures and later released figures for the same quarter. In this publication there are also some more extensive revisions.

The quarterly statistical sources cause smaller consecutive revisions in the financial accounts time series, while annual statistical sources may cause larger revisions and the results may stay preliminary for a longer time. A change in method and/or sources may also cause more extensive revisions.

In this publication other accounts receivables (F800) of the general government are revised due to a change in both sources and method. Counterpart sectors are households and non-financial corporations. The revision goes back to 2012.

Households holdings of unlisted shares (F512) are also revised due to incorporation of an annual source (another year) and a change in method for forecasting. The revision goes back to 2017.

Local government and non-financial corporations claim of pension funds on pension managers (F640) are revised due to a change of source. Counterpart sectors or liability sectors are insurance corporations and pension funds. The revision goes back to 1995, but the transactions are unaffected.