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The marginal cost of public funds in large welfare state countries Discussion Papers no. 879 National accounts and business cycles
Volume measurement for non-market health and care services in the Norwegian national accounts Documents 2018/29 National accounts and business cycles
Increased money supply growth Articles Banking and financial markets
Revisions to the financial accounts Articles National accounts and business cycles, Banking and financial markets
Decreased growth in domestic loan debt Articles Banking and financial markets
Developments in residential segregation in selected major and central municipalities after 2005 Reports 2018/23 Population, Immigration and immigrants
Employment continues to rise Articles Labour market and earnings,
Clean tap water for all Articles Nature and the environment, Public sector
Decrease in export price of fresh salmon Articles External economy, Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Close ties with Sweden Articles Establishments, enterprises and accounts, Energy and manufacturing
Lower population growth in future Articles Population
Norway’s 2018 population projections: Main results, methods and assumptions Reports 2018/22 Population
Economic Survey 2-2018 Economic survey National accounts and business cycles
Iceland, Switzerland and Norway still most expensive Articles Prices and price indices
5 per cent more with refugee background Articles Population, Immigration and immigrants