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CPI up 2.3 per cent last twelve months Articles Prices and price indices, Income and consumption
Higher education continues to rise Articles Education, Immigration and immigrants
NOK 147 billion surplus Articles Public sector
Competency profile in upper secondary education. Main results 2017 Reports 2018/19 Education
Economic upturn is fragile Economic trends for Norway and abroad National accounts and business cycles
Small output decline in manufacturing Articles Energy and manufacturing
Decline in manufacturing turnover Articles Energy and manufacturing
Spillover-effects from the offshore petroleum to the mainland economy Reports 2018/18 National accounts and business cycles, Energy and manufacturing
A considerable fall in export price of fresh salmon Articles External economy, Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Decreasing taxi mileage Articles Transport and tourism
Increased current account surplus Articles External economy, National accounts and business cycles
Still low interest rates Articles Banking and financial markets
Structural Labour Supply Models and Microsimulation Discussion Papers no. 877 National accounts and business cycles
From Classes to Copulas: Wages, capital, and top incomes Discussion Papers no. 876 National accounts and business cycles
Decline in gross freights for ocean transport Articles Transport and tourism