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Decline in gross freights for ocean transport Articles Transport and tourism
Increase in domestic loan debt growth Articles Banking and financial markets
Increased district heating Articles Energy and manufacturing
Increased money supply growth Articles Banking and financial markets
Record high first-hand value of salmon Articles Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Aggregate behavior in matching markets with flexible contracts and non-transferable representations of preferences Discussion Papers no. 875 National accounts and business cycles
Decline in export price of fresh salmon Articles External economy, Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Retail sales increased in April Articles Wholesale and retail trade and service activities, Income and consumption
Higher electricity prices for households Articles Energy and manufacturing, Prices and price indices
106 killed, 665 severely injured Articles Transport and tourism
Increased completion rate Articles Education
More than half of single parents with small children are tenants Articles Construction, housing and property
Oil investment estimate for 2018 adjusted downward Articles Energy and manufacturing
Total investments are expected to increase in 2019 Articles Energy and manufacturing
Increase in employment Articles Labour market and earnings,