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"Ta hjemmetempen": Report from Forskningskampanjen 2012 Reports 2013/19 Energy and manufacturing
1 in 10 over 66 has to use stairs to enter their dwelling Artikler Construction, housing and property
1.3 million people exposed to road traffic noise Articles Nature and the environment
1.5 per cent increase in household payments for kindergarten Articles Education
1.53 million tonnes of hazardous waste Articles Nature and the environment,
10 years with solid growth Articles External economy
106 killed, 665 severely injured Articles Transport and tourism
11 million fewer guest nights in 2020 Articles Transport and tourism, Svalbard
11 per cent increase in net assets Articles Public sector
117 road deaths in 2015 – lowest since 1947 Articles Transport and tourism
13 700 persons naturalised Articles Population, Immigration and immigrants
135 killed, 656 severely injured Articles Transport and tourism
14 per cent of holiday houses have more than 500 metres to their neighbour Articles Nature and the environment
14 per cent of population are immigrants Articles Population
14 percent more patent applications in 2016 Articles Technology and innovation