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Social security pension generosity and the effect on household saving

This paper examines the substitution between pension wealth and household saving by studying Norway’s 2011 pension reform.

Unsecured debt. Development 2019-2020, by characteristics of the borrowers

The aim of this report is to provide insight into how interest-bearing unsecured debt has developed in different segments of the population during the period 2019–2021. We have chosen to focus on the interest-bearing part of the unsecured debt because we presume that the interest-free part does not lead to social problems to any great extent.

Gender or class – What determines voting?

Previous literature has found that extending the suffrage to both females and poorer voters increases the supply of public goods.

A european equivalence scale for public in-kind transfers

This paper introduces a theory-based equivalence scale for public in-kind transfers, which justifies comparison of distributions of extended income (cash income plus the value of public services) between European countries.

Economic inequality in Norway in the twenty-first century

This report describes the development in inequality in Norway in the period 2001–2018. We study inequality in income and wealth, the distribution of the tax burden, and the degree of progressivity in the tax system.

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