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Contracted working hours

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Contracted working hours
Definition Contracted working hours is the number of working hours an employee needs to be at work according to their job contract. Any absence due to sickness, vacation or such should not be deducted from the contractual working hours, and overtime should not be added.
Valid from 1972-01-01
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Owner 260 - Division for labour market statistics
Comments For employees with a contractual working time where the agreed number of hours varies from week to week, i.e. shift- or rotational work, the average of the agreed working time can be used to show the normal situation. For employees without contractual working hours, as well as for the self-employed and family workers, the average amount of working hours per week (normally for the last four weeks) is used. This is often called usual or normal working hours. Some surveys only ask for usual working hours. The statistical unit is primarily jobs, but for persons with more than one job, a summary is also given at an individual level.
Statistical unit Employment
Subject 06.01 - Labour force participation
Statistics Labour force survey. Ad hoc modules