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  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Resident
Definition Who is to be considered a resident and where in Norway a person is to be considered a resident is laid down in the Act on Population Registration of 16 January 1970. The regulations of the Act have been amended several times, last time on 1 October 1998. Some main points from the registration rules that tell who is considered a settlement in Norway: Persons coming from outside the Nordic countries are considered living in Norway when they have stayed here or plan to stay here for at least 6 months, even if their stay is here mmidlertidig. The corresponding 6-month rule applies when moving from Norway to a country outside the Nordic region. When moving between Norway and another Nordic country, this 6-month rule does not always apply because the countries have different time limits. However, for persons arriving / moving to Norway from another Nordic country, the 6-month rule will apply, as the residence will be settled according to the rules of the country of residence, cf. a Nordic Agreement on Migrant Movement dated May 8, 1989. Who is considered a resident of Norway
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