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Total standard output of agricultural holdings

  Norwegian (bokmål) Norwegian (nynorsk)
Name Total standard output of agricultural holdings
Definition The economic size is the total standard output (SO) for all crop and livestock products produced by the holding within one year
Valid from 2010-07-31
Valid to
Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments Standard output of crop products is SO per area unit of the related crops multiplied by the total areas of the crops. Standard output of livestock products is SO per head of related livestock categories multiplied by the number of livestock. The holding¿s total standard output is the sum of all crop and livestock products. In the period 1999 ¿ 2009, standard gross margin (SGM) was common measurement unit of the various crop and livestock enterprises within an agricultural holding and hence total SGM was calculated. Total SO is not comparable with total SGM
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 10.04.10 - Agriculture, hunting, wildlife conservation
Reference Documents 2015/32 Klassifisering av jordbruksbedrifter etter driftsform og størrelse
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