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Labour market status

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Labour market status
Definition Denotes the different categories of labour market status. Status is given by the following categories: employees, self-employed, unemployed, labour market schemes (qualification programmes) or outside the labour force.
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Owner 260 - Division for labour market statistics
Comments The basis for the labour market status is retrieved from a number of administrative registers. Employees are mainly classified using the Central Register on Employers- and Employees (EE-register) and the End of the Year Certificate Register (EYC-register). Classification of self-employed persons is based on information from The Register for Personal Tax Payers (Information from year t-1). Information on unemployment and persons on labour market schemes is retrieved from The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's Job applicant register, ARENA. Total level of number of employees, distributed betweeen workers and self-employed persons is in accordance with corresponding figure from the Labour Force Survey conducted simultaneously. For employees with more than one job during the week of reference, one is defined as the most important.
Statistical unit Person
Subject 06.01 - Labour force participation
Statistics Employment, main figures (registerbased employment statistics)
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