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Emmissions to air

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Emmissions to air
Definition Amounts of different gases emitted to air
Valid from 1980-01-01
Valid to
Owner 215 - Division for energy statistics
Comments Establishment is not an adequate term for statistical unit. The variable covers all emissions from stationary and mobile combustion, in addition to emissions from processes and evaporation. Some figures from plants with large emissions are reported from the plants to the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, but most of the emissions are estimated. Combustion emissions are estimated by multiplying figures for energy use (for, e.g., heating and transport purposes) by factors for emissions of the different gases. Process and evaporation emissions are estimated by using a wide range of different activity data, e.g. livestock population and use of fertiliser in the estimation of agricultural emissions.
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 01.04.10 - Air
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