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Target species

  Norwegian (bokmål) Norwegian (nynorsk)
Name Target species
Definition Species caught in marine waters. Target species are fish species, crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms, seaweeds and sea mammals.
Valid from 1977-01-01
Valid to
Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments Only the most important species in marine waters in Norway are included in SSB's statistics. Cf. the Directorate of Fisheries' NS 9400 versjon 2. Kodeliste for fiskeslag, skalldyr, bløtdyr, pigghuder, sjøplanter og sjøpattedyr i sluttseddelen. Freshwater species are also included in NS 9400
Statistical unit Fishing vessel
Subject 10.05 - Fishing and fish farming
Statistics Fisheries
Linked to Variable Definition Main groups of target species
Classification Classification of target species in the sea