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Investments - Retail trade

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Name Investments - Retail trade
Definition All acquisitions of new business equipment/assets with a lifetime of more than one year. Investments in used equipment are not included, while total renovation and assets acquired from financial leasing are included. Machines, fixtures, vehicles and other means of transport are reported in the quarter they were received even if they have not been paid for or capitalised in the accounts. For construction work started before the end of the quarter, only costs accrued in the given quarter are included. Value added tax is reported at net value, which means that refunded VAT is not included, whereas non-refundable VAT is included.
Valid from 2009-03-18
Valid to
Owner 460 - Division for construction and service
Statistical unit Establishment
Subject 08.03.30 - Investment
Statistics Retail sales, investment statistics
Classification Classification of Standard Industrial Classification
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