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Licence and permit in fisheries

  Norwegian (bokmål) Norwegian (nynorsk)
Name Licence and permit in fisheries
Definition Licences and annual permits are two basic models for regualting the number of vessels that can join the various fisheries.
Valid from 2001-01-01
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Owner 430 - Division for primary industry
Comments The Register of Norwegian Fishing Licences was modernized in 2001 in order to provide a continuous overview of the licences and annual permits in use in the Norwegian fisheries. Only vessels with rights to participate in "closed fisheries" are included. In 1980, a register of Fishing Licences was established, and in 1990 a register of vessels fishing cod by conventional fishing gear was established. The Register of Norwegian Fishing Licenses from 2001 is enlarged compared with the two previous registers. The main legisaltion for the regulation of participation is the act of 26th of March 1999 relating to the Regulation of the participation in fisheries.
Statistical unit Fishing vessel
Subject 10.05 - Fishing and fish farming
Statistics Fisheries
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