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Timecharter paid cost for renting inn a Norwegian ship

  Norwegian (bokmål)
Name Timecharter paid cost for renting inn a Norwegian ship
Definition Cost paid for renting Norwegian ships in the form of a time charterparty. Under this type of contract, the shipowner places his ship, with crew and equipment at the disposal of the charterer for a period of time, q.v., for which the time charterer pays hire money. Subject to any restrictions in the contract, the charterer decides the time and quantity of cargo to be carried and the ports of loading and discharging. He is responsible for supplying the ship with bunkers and for the payment of cargo handling operations, port charges, pilotage, towage and ship's agency. The technical operation and navigation of the ship remain the responsability of the shipowner. The time that that the ship becames "off hire" is deducted from the agreed period of hyre contract. Includes eqivalent cost from agency/pool.
Valid from 1974-01-01
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Owner 440 - Division for transport, tourism and ICT statistics
Statistical unit Enterprise
Subject 10.12.40 - Sea transport
Statistics Operating survey for water transport
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